Almost 1000 New Mods Have Been Added Just One Week After the Release of Creations

the xbox logo is on a white background next to a robot .
Credit: Bethesda

the xbox logo is on a white background next to a robot .
Credit: Bethesda

Just a week after the release of Creations Club for Starfield, over 1,000 new mods have been added to both Nexus Mods and Creations Club for the space exploration game.

The addition of Starfield’s Creations meant that Xbox players could now customize and add mods to the game a year after its release.

Originally posted on Reddit by u/ShadowComplex0, there have been over 600 Creations Club mods and over 300 new weekly mods at Nexus Mods for Starfield.

These mods are performance, custom game skin mods like Star Wars, and gameplay improvement mods. While beginner Xbox users may be confused about how Creations Club works, we have a convenient and easy-to-follow guide to help new players with their modding journey.

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Modders such as InquisitorOverhauls, who have made over 170+ mods for the game, can now port their creations to Xbox for more players to enjoy.

One fellow player joked that half of the 1,000 mods were made by Inquisitor Overhauls, considering the vast contribution he and his mods made to the player base.

Many other authors, such as Vaernus, are also creating DLC-sized mods for Starfield. Their most recent creation, StarSim: Mining Conglomerate, has a roadmap that many supportive players can check to see the progress of the DLC.

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Credit: Bethesda

Bethesda Games Studios’ Director and Executive Producer Todd Howard shared in a recent interview that new game mechanics, such as vehicles, will come soon to Starfield, presumably by the game’s Year 2.

Annual story expansions are also in the works for the game. With this in mind, players can expect longer gaps between updates as bigger content is developed.

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