Starfield’s StarSim Creation May Be the Next Big Thing After Shattered Space

image of vasco and the starsim starfield mod
Credit: Bethesda and Vaernus

image of vasco and the starsim starfield mod
Credit: Bethesda and Vaernus

Starfield’s Creations update has opened many doors to customization for Xbox users.

For a long time, mods have been available to PC players. Now that Creations is here, Xbox users can customize the game to elevate their gaming experience.

From simple to complex mods, modders have started uploading their created content to Creations. StarSim: Mining Conglomerate is a gameplay overhaul that changes what Starfield players know about space mining.

image of a mining station in starsim
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Credit: Bethesda and Vaernus

StarSim: Mining Conglomerate isn’t just another gameplay mod; it is ambitious and plans to overhaul Starfield’s mining mechanics entirely. Currently, mining in vanilla Starfield is similar to shooting some rocks with specialized guns to produce ore.

StarSim aims to change all that with new missions, ships, bulletin boards, and space stations. While it adds significant features such as new mining-focused space stations and mining mechanics, StarSim’s mod author, Vaernus, has laid out a content roadmap for those who have downloaded and followed their mod and content.

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Posting on Reddit, Vaernus and their team shared what the future StarSim will look like and what the next features will be added in future updates.

A mining conglomerate will be added, featuring a mining faction for the Settled Systems.

The upcoming shipbreaker mechanic will let players break down their ships for materials used for ship part production, and a metropolis will be a city hub centered around the mod’s mining features.

A line item in the roadmap called Final Frontier will add a gate system and autopilot features, presumably related to the new mining faction and mechanics.

The roadmap also indicated that these features will come in different stages, separate from the existing StarSim: Mining Conglomerate mod available in Xbox Creations. While the initial mod isn't free, it costs around 500 credits in Creations; with the upcoming planned features, it may be well worth it.

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