Starfield Fan Creates a Stunningly Accurate 3D Printed Grendel SMG

image of grendel in starfield
Credit: Bethesda

image of grendel in starfield
Credit: Bethesda

Starfield’s Creations update allowed modders to create fantastic mods to enhance and improve the game’s performance and experience. But the community’s creativity does not stop at just creating wonderful mods.

A Starfield fan amazingly 3D printed a Grendel SMG with stunning details and accuracy.

Originally posted on Reddit by user u/Bossman795, they featured an image of their meticulously crafted replica, which received the praises of many fellow Starfield fans. The gun falls under the Ballistic Rifle category and sports a gold and white color scheme.

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Having the second largest mag capacity of any rifle in the game, the Grendel boasts a high rate of fire, which is great for players who want to deal with massive damage per second. It is also the UC Vangaurd’s rifle of choice.

Fellow fans were astonished by the level of detail incorporated into the gun, with some even mentioning that it looks real and good enough to get arrested in most countries. Many Starfield fans usually create fantastic outposts and ships; creations like this are rare.

The Grendel is a good weapon for beginners, and while this may be good in vanilla Starfield, modders have created many mods that can customize the combat experience in Starfield. We have collected the most essential mods for Xbox players and prepared a guide for anyone just starting modding Starfield.

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Credit: Bethesda

In other Starfield news, fans are happy that Starfield’s Year 2 content is already in the works. Todd Howard confirmed these details during an exclusive interview with MrMattyPlays and the studio's acknowledgment of the recent controversies surrounding the Tracker’s Alliance: The Vulture Quest paid mod.

Whether you fancy a 3D-printed gun from Starfield or want a stronger modded weapon, stay updated with the latest Bethesda news and announcements here in Starfield Portal.

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