More DLC After Shattered Space and Starfield Year 2 Content Will Happen, Says Todd Howard

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Credit: Bethesda

a man is standing in front of a poster of a movie .
Credit: Bethesda

Right after the Xbox Games Showcase, Bethesda Games Studios released Starfield’s Creations update. Fans and players have different opinions about the paid mods in Creations Club.

Along with this update came the Shattered Space DLC trailer, and Todd Howard talks more about it, its direction and development, and Starfield’s Year 2 during an exclusive interview with MrMattyPlays.

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Credit: Bethesda

In an interview with content creator and YouTuber MrMattyPlays, Todd Howard discussed the plans for Starfield Year 2.

While the most recent May and June updates were packed with content, improvement, and fixes, Todd mentioned that “there'll be some bigger gaps next year as we look at those big beats for year two”.

While the June and May updates lined up perfectly fine for the studio development-wise, players can expect a much bigger gap between update releases compared to the initial six-week gap between updates the studio mentioned last year.

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While this may be the case, Bethesda Games Studios aims to deliver annual story expansion, and a new one after Shattered Space is currently in the works.

Annual story expansion will involve using the existing planets and filling these out with content through these expansions. Todd mentions they plan to do it for a long time and add more experiences to Starfield. This includes new features the community has discussed, such as land vehicles, etc.

Moving on to the upcoming DLC, Todd mentioned that Shattered Space was already in development right after Starfield was released in September 2023. He elaborated that the entire DLC is akin to what Far Harbor added to Fallout 4, a scope of content that works for BGS as an annual story expansion.

Regarding the public’s response to the general exploration in Starfield, MrMattyPlays asked whether the plan to contain most of the DLC’s exploration of the new planet and city was largely dictated by the recent criticisms, Todd shared that “We [BGS] struggled with making exploration fun in barren planets, and we felt good with where we landed knowing that it's not going to scratch the same itch for a lot of people that you would when you have a more bespoke landscape that you're exploring..”

Regardless, players can expect more Starfield content and updates from the studio, and the game is now more alive than ever thanks to the recent Creation Club update.

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