Starfield - InquisitorOverhauls Is Back at It Again, With All 170+ Mods Coming to Xbox

image of the starfarer in starfield
Credit: Bethesda

image of the starfarer in starfield
Credit: Bethesda

Starfield’s recent Creations update means existing PC mods will be available to Xbox users. One notable Starfield modding community member, InquisitorOverhauls, has made over 170 mods for the space exploration game.

These include gameplay overhauls, cosmetics, new mechanics, and enemy bosses. InquisitorOverhaul’s dedication can finally be experienced by Xbox users, as the modder recently announced that they will be porting their vast library of mods to Creations.

Initially posted by InquisitorOverhauls on Reddit, the modder has already ported 12 (as of writing) mods to Creations. All Xbox users can now access these mods by accessing the Creations menu in-game.

This notably immense library of mods will be a breath of fresh air for Xbox users looking to spice up their Starfield journey.

The currently available mods include the Glowing Ship Modules mod, the Mech Overlord Boss mod, the interesting Special Forces character traits and backgrounds, and the Gunship Workshop and Build a Farm mod.

These are just a few exciting changes now available to Xbox users. PC users, on the other hand, have been able to access this mod library through NexusMods. Players can look forward to more mods being added every day.

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Starfield and Bethesda have been on fire with the recent controversies revolving around paid mods. While these paid mods are optional and do not provide unfair advantages for the single-player game, many players are divided as to whether this will benefit the game in the long term.

However, for modders like InquisitorOverhauls, having a wider audience for their developed mods can increase the popularity of their creations.

image of the available mods
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Credit: InquisitorOverhauls

Adding Creations and the Creation Kit will open new doors to modders and players alike. Fans are also anticipating the Shattered Space DLC now that Bethesda has announced a possible horror story genre for the expansion.

Whether you download all of InquisitorOverhaul’s mods all at once or download each one as soon as it becomes available, stay updated with everything Bethesda here in Starfield Portal.

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