Starfield Ryujin Industries Questline - Sabotage Walkthrough

starfield sabotage quest ularu chen dialogue

starfield sabotage quest ularu chen dialogue

Sabotage is one of the longer and most difficult quests in the Ryujin Industries Questline. It's time to suit up, get a Neuroamp upgrade and infiltrate one of Starfield's most tightly guarded facilities in the quest Sabotage. Collect the evidence and expose Infinity Ltd to the world.

Starfield Sabotage Walkthrough

Speak with Dalton in His Office

Take the elevator to the Executives Office at Ryujin Industries. He will discuss the plan to take down Ularu Chen. You need to hand him the code she's preparing when you get your hands on it,

starfield sabotage talk to dalton
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Listen to the Meeting

Sit in the conference room and wait for Dalton for the meeting to start. You'll declare Imogene as the traitor to lower Ularu Chen's guard.

starfield sabotage meeting to declare imogene guilty
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Meet with Veena in the Neuroamp Division

To get to the Neuroamp Division, Take the elevator down to the Research and Development floor.

starfield sabotage talk to veena
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Speak with Veena and lay on the operating table to get the operation started.

starfield sabotage lie down on operation table
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Talk with Veena after the procedure is complete. You'll have gained the Manipulation skill!

Use your New Ability

Go up to the Observation Deck to test out your new Manipulation ability. Point at DeMarcus and use your Manipulation to take control of him. You might be confused about what to do here, so here's what you need:

  • Use Manipulation on DeMarcus by pulling out your scanner and selecting the social ability button.
starfield sabotage manipulation from scanner on demarcus
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  • Have DeMarcus pick up the keycard on the bench.
starfield sabotage test room keycard pick up
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  • Have DeMarcus open the door.
starfield sabotage demarcus manipulation open the door
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Speak with Veena

After finishing that, Speak with Veena to have the test officially completed, and she will send you back to Masako.

Speak with Masako

Head back to the Executive Offices Floor and speak with Masako. She will mention two methods of infiltrating Infinity Ltd.

  • Sneak in through the roof.
  • Use a fake identity.
starfield sabotage talk to masako
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No matter your choice, you will be given an Operator Suit, making you 25% harder to detect in Stealth. We suggest using a combination of both infiltration methods for an easier operation. You'll be assigned three objectives:

  • Run the Program on Lucas' Computer
  • Run the Program on Faye's Computer
  • Obtain the Neuroamp Prototype
starfield sabotage talk to ularu chen for operative suit
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Visit Dalton/Ularu

You will be tasked to speak with either Dalton/Ularu, then leave for New Atlantis.

starfield sabotage hand files to dalton
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Go to New Atlantis

Travel to New Atlantis, in the Alpha Centauri System. Head towards Infinity Ltd. HQ. located in the Commercial District.

starfield sabotage go to new atlantis
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Meet Aelys Ortiz

Enter the Infinity Ltd. Corporate Headquarters and talk to the receptionist to check in as an official guest.

starfield sabotage check in from receptionist
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This gives you access to the Marketing floor. Head up to the Marketing floor in the elevator and talk to Aelys Ortiz, who will call Nina Hart.

Talk To Nina Hart

Talk to Nina Hart and use the Manipulation ability to gain clearance to the Executive floor and meet Lucas.

starfield sabotage infinity ltd hq manipulation on nina hart
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Run the Program on Lucas' Computer

Lucas is located on the Executive level of the Infinity Ltd building.

Head into the elevator and up into his office. Keep pretending you're an official guest, and Lucas will allow you to access his computer. Just upload the files quietly.

starfield sabotage manipulation on lucas drexler
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Find your way into Research and Development

Get up and head to the Roof Access, then turn right. You'll need to complete the following steps.

  • Manipulate the guard to turn off the fans.
starfield sabotage sabotage vent
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  • Sabotage the heating system.
starfield sabotage heating maintenance system
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  • Make your way through the vents and move across the ceiling platforms and vents.
Starfield sabotage vent leading to R&D department
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  • Find the Elevator shaft that lets you drop down to the R&D department.

Find a R&D ID Card

Make your way into R&D. You'll find the neuroamp prototype and will need an ID card to get inside. There are vents in the ceiling that you can follow.

Starfield sabotage power station controls
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You can also hack into the terminal with the Security skill and cause an explosion that will distract everyone. Head forward and drop down to the main floor of the R&D department.

Be careful, as a couple of high-level security guards are roaming these corridors.

Starfield sabotage infinity ltd security
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Run the Program on Faye's Computer

Before grabbing the R&D ID Card, you can head forward from where you drop and turn to the right up the stairs. You'll end up in Faye's office. You can pickpocket the passcode off her or hack into her system using Security. You can also use Manipulation to have her unlock the computer. Install the program once you get access and make your exit from here.

Starfield sabotage faye's office to access her computer
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Obtain the Neuroamp Prototype

Obtaining the Neuroamp Prototype requires the R&D ID Cards. You can pickpocket it from one of the scientists, loot it off their corpse or use Manipulation to have them open the door for you.

Starfield sabotage card reader
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Return to the room and use the ID card on the locked door. Then steal the Neuroamp Prototype and get to the outside. If you have the Security skill, disable the alarm from the computer on the left side and the turrets from the computer on the floor above.

Starfield sabotage steal the neuroamp
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Deliver the Evidence to David Barron

Go to the SSNN Field Office and talk to David. Hand him the Slate with all the evidence, and he'll prepare a broadcast to spill the news all across the Settled Systems.

Starfield sabotage tell the story to the SSNN
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Report back to Masako

Return to Ryujin Tower in Neon City and speak with Masako about the news. She will be unhappy if you got caught or ended up killing people. Once the broadcast starts, listen in on it. Speak with Masako after it ends to receive your rewards for the mission.

Starfield sabotage report back to Masako
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Starfield Sabotage Rewards

  • EXP - 350
  • Credits - 8400
  • Operative Spacesuit and Helmet
  • Manipulation skill
Starfield sabotage rewards
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That concludes the Sabotage quest for the Ryujin Industries. It's time for your final mission in the Ryujin Industries with the quest, Executive Level.

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