Starfield Refurbished Goods Walkthrough

Starfield Refurbished Goods

Starfield Refurbished Goods

Help Denis with another task in the quest: Refurbished Goods by gathering a bunch of valuables in the hands of hostiles. If you want a repeatable quest that will constantly send you out to deal with high-level enemies, don't skip out on this one.

How to Unlock Refurbished Goods

You can start this mission by talking to Denis, who owns the UC Exchange Shop in Cydonia—and asking him if he has any jobs for you. You can only start the Refurbished Goods quest after completing the previous mission, Freight Fright for Denis. Speak to Denis and ask him for more work. Once you've unlocked the quest, you can keep repeating it as many times as you want.

starfield refurbished goods speak to denis
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Starfield: Refurbished GoodsGuide

Go to the Site

You will be asked to retrieve some items from a site that Denis will mark for you. The sites are procedurally generated and will be different for everyone. These are mostly abandoned Outposts full of enemies.

starfield refurbished goods location
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Keep your ship’s grav drive in mind, as you may need to travel to far-away star systems. You may also be sent to an area with a recommended level higher than yours, but that's a thrilling experience.

Obtain the Goods

You must get five specific items once you land at the marked site. These items are also different for each attempt at the quest, but they are usually enemy drops such as guns. Clear out the hostiles in the area, and make your way to the quest marker. Hostiles can include:

starfield refurbished goods ecliptic mercenaries
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Open the Main Chest

The quest marker will lead you to the facility's main loot chest. You will need to loot this chest of all the similarly named items to complete the objective.

starfield refurbished goods location crate with quest marker
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Otherwise, you will not be able to finish it. Along the way, loot the area clean for extra goodies. This quest also allows you to learn the layout of all the procedurally generated facilities and their main loot locations.

Bring the Goods to Denis

After collecting the loot items, you can hand them to Denis at Cydonia. Hand over the items to him, and you will be rewarded for completing the quest. Speak to him again whenever you feel like going on another run for Refurbished Goods.

starfield refurbished goods return to denis
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Quest Rewards

  • XP - 50
  • Credits - 1000
  • Randomized Armor Piece or Weapon
starfield refurbished goods rewards
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If you're looking for more repeatable quests in Starfield, don't miss out on Vae Victus' bounty-hunting missions after completing the United Colonies Vanguard questline.

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