Starfield Freight Fright Walkthrough

starfield freight fright

starfield freight fright

Freight Fright is a side mission found in the Central Hub in Cydonia. This quest requires you to do some pest control involving a Heatleech infestation that wiped out an entire crew.

How to Unlock the Freight Fright

Head to Cydonia, located on Mars. Speak to Denis Avern, who is at the UC Exchange. To find the UC Exchange on Cydonia, enter Cydonia and keep going until you reach the platform's end. Before heading down towards the mining area, look towards the left side for the UC Exchange sign.

starfield freight fright uc distribution mars location
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He tells you about his problem with managing the shop and asks you to figure out why his shipment was delayed. This will unlock the mission Freight Fright.

starfield freight fright speak to denis
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Starfield: Freight Fright Guide

Enter the Ship

Go to the Cargo Ship on the outskirts of Cydonia. The destination will be added to your fast travel on the Planetary Map.

starfield freight fright fast travel to freight ship
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Head inside it, where you will find the corpses of the crew and learn that Heatleeches killed them, hence the delay of the shipment.

starfield freight fright dead crew
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Check the Cargo

Check the cargo boxes marked by your quest marker for Heat Leeches.

starfield freight fright inspect cargo
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The Heatleeches are roaming around the cargo hall on the ship's left side and will also pop out when you examine the cargo boxes on the right side. You can first clear out the cargo hall and then proceed to check the cargo boxes or examine the cargo boxes and defeat all the Heatleeches at once.

starfield freight fright heatleeches
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Those of you who have played the United Colony Vanguard questline and learned the truth of the Terrormorphs probably realize how dangerous this situation is.

Return to Denis

Once you are done with the pest control and have defeated the Heat Leeches, return to the UC Exchange and report your findings to Denis. Doing so will complete the mission. He'll also suggest that he has more work available for you.

starfield freight fright return to denis
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Quest Rewards

  • XP - 110
  • Credits - Level Dependant

That concludes the quest Freight Fright. Next up, you can help Denis again with the quest Refurbished.

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