Starfield Is Not a Dead Game - Creations Mods and Game Pass Show Game Is Still Healthy

a man is standing in front of a screen with a mountain in the background .

a man is standing in front of a screen with a mountain in the background .

Starfield is nearing its 1st anniversary, and many community members have been previously discussing whether the game is dead. The recent Creations Club update last June rejuvenized the game, with mods being available now to Xbox players. With one month left until the game’s anniversary, players on Reddit see how the game is fairing.

Posting on the community forum, user u/NorthImage3550 shares an image of the currently available mods on the game’s Creations Club website. Console users have 972 mods available as of writing, and the list grows by the day. This goes to show that modders are continually adding new content to the game via the Creations Kit, and the download numbers are also increasing, with notable mods such as the Improved Follower Behavior mod reaching 3 million plays.

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Another image shows that Starfield is currently one of the most popular games available on Game Pass. Many players were concerned with the game’s Steam player count recently, but this data does not reflect players who are playing Starfield via Game Pass. Todd Howard recently shared in an interview that Starfield has reached the 14 million player count and the studio plans to continue releasing Starfield content every year via annual story expansions.

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The abundance of different Starfield mods shows that the interest in the game has increased since launch. From Star Wars outfits to DLC-sized mods, Starfield players now have an array of customization options, especially for those who have been playing on Xbox.

In other Starfield news, less than 2% of the mods available in the Creations Club are paid mods, which prompts the question of what is Bethesda’s next plan for the controversial paid mods. Todd Howard also shared that the studio is aware of the current sentiments regarding paid mods and mentioned that the studio will look into possible solutions for paid Creations Club mods.

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