Less Than 2% of the Mods in Starfield’s Creations Club Are Paid Mods, What Could Be Bethesda’s Next Steps?

a robot is standing in front of a computer screen .
Credit: Bethesda

a robot is standing in front of a computer screen .
Credit: Bethesda

Since the release of Starfield’s Creations Club, paid mods have been a hot topic, with recent controversies surrounding paywalled quests and items.

In a recent exclusive interview with MrMattyPlays, Todd Howard said that Bethesda Games recognizes and acknowledges the controversies around paid mods, and shared that the studio is looking at the pricing and the next possible steps for implementing a better system for paid mods.

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Credit: MrMattyPlays

Currently, only 2% of the total Creations Club mods available for Starfield are paid mods, which indicates that the modding community will continue to create bigger and better mods regardless if these will be paid mods or not.

Initially, what concerned the community was the impression of doing paywalled quests to paid mods such as the Tracker’s Alliance: The Vulture quest.

Todd clarified that the studio really wanted to present in-game items and wrap these up in a questline that would provide a unique gaming experience to players.

However, this was not the community’s reception, with the majority saying that it could be indicative of possible future paywalled quests and many others.

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The numbers show differently, however, as most mods are free to download, and only 18 out of 931 are paid. These numbers may show data regarding the modding community's behavior when it comes to creating and uploading mods, and Bethesda has yet to release a new system or pricing for paid mods.

Should Bethesda change how mods are verified and priced, we may see a change in the number of paid mods in the Creations Club.

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Credit: Bethesda

Regardless if Bethesda will implement something soon, it is important to cater to the majority of the mod authors and players to encourage a positive community growth and atmosphere fueled by proper communication and setting the correct expectations of both modders and players.

Whether you prefer to pay for mods or stick to free ones, be sure to stay updated with the latest news and updates from Bethesda by following Starfield Portal.

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