Essential Starfield Mods for all Xbox Players

image of the starfield creations menu
Credit: Bethesda

image of the starfield creations menu
Credit: Bethesda

Starfield has finally released its most recent update after adding some quality-of-life improvements last month.

Since launch, players have been enthusiastic about Starfield Creations and Creation Kit. These additions allow players to create, publish, and download user-generated content such as visual and gameplay mods.

Now that Starfield has added Creations in a surprise drop at the Xbox Showcase, we’ve covered the top mods to kickstart your Starfield mod journey on Xbox.

How To Download and Install Starfield Mods On Xbox

Before diving into the best mods available, here’s a quick step-by-step guide on how to download and install Starfield Mods on Xbox via the Creation menu:

  1. Update Starfield to the latest version.
  2. Once the game is fully updated, a new line item called Creations will appear in the Main Menu.
  3. Start searching and downloading the mods of your choice.
  4. Make sure to read the mod details to ensure that the mods you’ve downloaded will work properly, i.e., whether they are achievement-friendly, etc.

Xbox players will have 99 GB available for their downloaded Creations mods, a great way to explore and fully customize the game to their heart’s content. Props to Bethesda for making sure each Starborn will enjoy this update.

Now, onto the mods:

Unofficial Starfield Patch

image of the usfp mod
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Credit: Bethesda

The Unofficial Starfield Patch, or USFP for short, is a comprehensive mod that fixes every known bug in the game that has not been officially resolved by Bethesda’s developers.

While the mod aims to solve this, it is still limited to what Arthmoor, the original modder, can do within the Starfield Creation Kit. From gameplay to quest and NPC bug fixes, the mod is undoubtedly an excellent addon for those who want to get a taste of what the Creation Kit can do.

Smarter Spacesuit Auto Hide

Are you tired of breaking immersion because spacesuits don’t hide properly on a safe surface?

The Smarter Spacesuit Auto Hide fixes this by ensuring spacesuits are visible on a safe and breathable planet or surface.

It also hides spacesuits whenever the player character is inside a sealed spaceship, and followers have the same spacesuit setting as the player character.

Improved Follower Behaviour

image of improved follower mod
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Credit: Bethesda

With the Improved Follower Behavior mod, players will never have to ditch Vasco again. Available in the Starfield Creations menu, this mod overhauls followers' behaviour.

Followers will now be closer to you while walking and further while running, in contrast to how vanilla Starfield keeps its follower distance.

One of the best features of this mod is that it lets followers have better common sense during sneaking and will only shoot at enemies once they have detected either the player character or the follower.

No Angry Companions

image of no angry companions mod
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Credit: Bethesda

Companions will no longer get angry during those unintended murders of civilians or for any other thinkable reason.

Now, they will never disapprove of a quick swipe of a random coffee from a TerraBrew store. After all, everyone needs caffeine while exploring the universe, right?

SKK Fast Start New Game

image of skk fast new game mod
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Credit: Bethesda

Want to create a fresh new game save but tired of the Argos-Atlantis tutorial section of the game? The SKK Fast Start New Game lets players have a pristine New Game save in less than 60 seconds.

Players can now choose where to start their brand-new Starfield journey, whether in the Lodge, Cydonia, Neon, or a random location fully equipped with proper equipment load-outs. No more mining all that ore with Lin barking orders.


image of starshard mod
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Credit: Bethesda

Starshards adds a skyshard system similar to The Elder Scrolls Online; collect three to earn one skill point.

Starshards spawn on most planets and emit a beam of light to make it easier to track and find. Add Starshard to your downloaded mods to quickly overhaul your levelling experience in a simple yet fun way.

Trackers Alliance: The Vulture

image of the trackers alliance: the vulture quest mod
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Credit: Bethesda

Part of the Trackers Alliance quest, The Vulture lets players take on a perilous contract to hunt the most dangerous snipers in Freestar space.

This paid mod includes the quest itself, a brand-new weapon called the Arboron Novastrike Sniper, and two new outfits.

This exciting quest mode is easy to load and install and achievement-friendly. Just so you know, the quest will only be available in-game once players have completed the Trackers Alliance: Starjacker quest.

Players can choose more available Starfield mods via the Creations Menu; having to uninstall old ones to install new ones will not happen anytime soon because Bethesda gives Xbox users a whopping 99 GB available for Creations mod downloads.

More Starfield Creations mods are being added daily, so make sure to follow and subscribe to Starfield Portal to stay updated.

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