Xbox Mod Highlight: Step Aside Lightsabers, the Darksaber Is Here

image of a darksaber in starfield
Credit: Credit: Bethesda | Lucasfilm | SomberKing; Fair use for promotional and news purposes

image of a darksaber in starfield
Credit: Credit: Bethesda | Lucasfilm | SomberKing; Fair use for promotional and news purposes

Since the release of the Creation Club in Starfield, players and modders have started to add various Star Wars mods to Bethesda’s space exploration RPG.

Ranging from outfits and enemies to characters and combat mechanics such as lightsaber deflections, fans of both Starfield and Star Wars are in for a unique gameplay experience. Now, a new Star Wars mod is rising in popularity and is ready to amp up your Starfield and Star Wars experience.

image of a darksaber in starfield
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Credit: Bethesda | Star Wars | SomberKing

The Darksaber mod is made by mod author SomberKing, the same mod author who created the Immersive Sabers mod. With an installation size of around 26.05 MB, the Darksaber mod is load order neutral and compatible with the Lightsaber Deflection perk from the Immersive Sabers mod. It also supports the TN's Melee Weapon Modifications mod which allows additional battery and crystal upgrades.

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Players have started adding more and more Star Wars mods to the game, with some even cosplaying as Darth Maul and getting Darth Vader as their companion and co-pilot.

Another noteworthy mod, the Seamless Grav Jump, is now available to PC players. This mod gives a better immersive experience by changing the loading screen into different grav jump animations. Players can choose between a gravity well, lightspeed, and wormhole animations. The mod works so well that it makes space travel look and feel seamless, as its name suggests. PC players can check the mod here.

In other Starfield news, an ambitious Project Tamriel mod aims to add the whole Tamriel in Starfield by adding all the regions in a planet in the Settled Systems. The whole project seemed like a bit of a stretch, and some players were doubtful whether this was even possible, though some really wanted it to happen.

There are no Creations Club links for the project yet, but some other DLC-sized mods such as the StarSim: Mining Conglomerate and Star Wars Overhaul have their own Creations pages ready already.

To stay updated with the latest Starfield news and announcements, be sure to follow Starfield Portal.

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