Xbox Mod Spotlight: No More Annoying Companions With the Improved Follower Behavior Mod!

a poster for starfield portal with a woman in the foreground
Credit: Bethesda and Deebz

a poster for starfield portal with a woman in the foreground
Credit: Bethesda and Deebz

Xbox users can now have a much better experience when adventuring around the galaxy with a companion.

With the current follower behavior in vanilla Starfield, companions tend to be a nuisance. From breaking sneak attempts to being too far when traveling, Starfield’s companions needed an overhaul.

Luckily for Xbox users, the Improved Follower Behavior Mod is now available in Starfield Creations!

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Credit: Bethesda and Deebz

Made by mod author Deebz and with a file size of only 25.19 KB, the Improved Follower Mod deserves a spotlight for being one of the best Xbox mods.

Not only is it small in size, but it is also fairly easy to install in an existing save file. It can also be placed in any order in the mods load order; no other steps are necessary.

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The mod improves the follower behavior by matching the follower's walking speed to that of the player character, and while running, they will tend to stay farther back but not to the point that they can get left behind.

It also improves your companions sneaking behavior and prevents them from firing on enemies unless detected, which is handy for doing stealth missions or building a stealth character.

Most of all, they won't be left behind those airlock doors anymore, as they will try to stay close to the player character when opening an airlock.

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Credit: Bethesda and Deebz

The Improved Follower Mod, albeit significantly improving companion behavior, is unfortunately not achievement-friendly.

Bethesda has yet to release an update for these immersive mods to enable achievements. After all, a custom gaming experience without cheats should not have to result in disabled achievements.

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