Starfield Overdesigned Quest: How to Get Best Ship

Starfield Overdesigned quest team meeting

Starfield Overdesigned quest team meeting

Overdesigned is one of the best side quests in Starfield, as it lets you get your hands on one of the best early-game ships, the Kepler R. It's possible to mess up and get the Kepler S. So, let's go over how to unlock and complete the Starfield Overdesigned quest and how to get the Kepler R.

Starfield Overdesigned Walkthrough

Talk to Walter Stroud

The Overdesigned quest becomes available after you complete the main quest, High Price to Pay. Talk to Walter Stroud and ask him for work. He'll ask you to help his team design a new Starship.

Head to Stroud Eklund Shipyard

Grav Jump to the Stroud Eklung Shipyard located in the orbit of the Dalvik planet in the Narion Star System. Hail and dock the Staryard, and make your way inside.

starfield overdesigned stroud eklund staryard
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Talk to Jules

Once you're inside the Staryard, make your way to the Starship design team's meeting room. Talk to Jules, who is in charge of the project, and take the reigns from her.

Decide a Budget

Your first task will be to decide on a budget for the Starship design. You can choose a smaller budget or a larger one. If you want the Kepler R, pick the larger budget. This will require a fairly difficult Persuasion check or 100000 Credits out of your own pockets. You can make multiple save files to keep attempting the Persuasion check till you succeed.

starfield overdesigned talk to jules
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Talk to Team Members

Speak to all the team members, including Jules, about their ideas for the Starship design. If you want the Kepler R, encourage all the team members.

starfield overdesigned encourage team members with positive feedback
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Speak with Jules About Market Research

Jules will now assign you the task of performing live research for data they can use for the Starship. This means you'll have to perform some space-related tasks for them.

Complete a Passenger/Bounty Mission Board Quest

Your next task is to perform either a Bounty Mission or a Passenger Mission from the local mission board.

starfield overdesigned mission board in stroud eklund staryard
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It's optional to do both quests, and you can still get the Kepler R if you only do one of them. We suggest you grab a ship with a larger crew capacity for the Passenger mission.

Bring the Team Together

Lastly, you can ask the team to compromise on their demands or have a strange mediation session where everyone recites your mantras. Picking the mediation session is the way to the Kepler R.

starfield overdesigned jules talk about teambuilding
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Speak with Walter Stroud

Return to Walter Stroud at The Lodge in New Atlantis and tell him you got the job done. He'll give you feedback and let you know you can collect the new Starship from the Spaceport.

starfield overdesigned report to walter
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Starfield Overdesigned Rewards

  • EXP - 200
  • Credits - Leveled Amount
  • Kepler R or Kepler S
starfield overdesigned quest rewards
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How To Get Better Kepler R Ship in Overdesigned?

Here are the steps to get the Kepler R in Overdesigned:

  • Pick the Larger Budget.
  • Convince Jules to go with Larger Budget.
  • Encourage all the ideas from team members.
  • Complete one or the other Mission Board quest.
  • Have the team perform a mediation session instead of compromising.

This will give you the larger, more expensive Kepler R ship for free.

Kepler R vs Kepler S

The Kepler R is the larger variant between the two ships, and besides its bulkiness, it is superior to the Kepler S in every way. However, there's a caveat. You can only pilot the Kepler R if you have the piloting skill at Rank 4 because it's a C-class ship.

starfield overdesigned kepler r
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On the other hand, the Kepler S is a smaller B-class ship that you can pilot more easily. The Kepler R will serve you better in the long term due to its superior stats and price.

starfield overdesgned kepler s
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That concludes our guide for the Starfield Side Quest Overdesigned and everything you need to know about how to get the Kepler R and Kepler S.

To learn more, check out our Starship Hub and learn advanced shipbuilding to create your dream ship.

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