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Cora Coe Outfits

Cora Coe Outfits

Starfield hasn't even received official mod support and already has mountains of creations over on Nexus Mods. From new ships to graphical fixes, there is sure to be something that catches your eye on the site. The latest mod to draw our attention is a fantastic new range of outfits for Cora Coe.

Cora is the daughter of ex-Freestar Ranger Sam Coe and the youngest team member in Constellation history. She will wander your ship, frequently requesting new books while making suggestions for mechanical and astrophysical improvements.

Now, thanks to Nexus mod user piromods, you can pay her back by providing a brand new wardrobe full of outfits for her to wear. This download features '23 different outfits for Cora Coe with a bunch of different themes' as the description says on the mod page.

cora coe clothing mod
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We love the 'Futurama A' outfit, which features the famous Planet Express logo from the series. Pairing this with the Planet Express ship mod would be a really fun way to bring Matt Groening's 'World of Tomorrow' into Starfield.

Other outfits in the download feature designs from The Simpsons, Star Wars and many other pop culture themes. Definitely check this one out, especially if you have Sam Coe as a companion and hope to romance the space cowboy. He just loves to see Cora happy, and what better way to do it than with these new outfits for his little girl?

If that doesn't satisfy the need for changing up your Starfield, why not try spicing up your galactic coffee mug game? Or even flash your own new clothes (and more) by trying out the Hello Kitty mod set?

hello kitty starfield mod
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Customization is key to truly feeling part of this world, starting in shipbuilder and moving onto outpost construction; combining mods to these existing systems will really let you feel at home in Starfield.

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