Spice Up Your Mugs With This Interesting New Mod

mugs in starfield

mugs in starfield

Mugs are otherwise ordinary-looking even in Bethesda’s biggest intellectual property to date, Starfield. However, one modder decided she could liven things up by bringing some mug designs into the game’s universe.

The result of that is the mod Eli’s Coffee Mugs.

The mod, uploaded on October 4, currently has 29 endorsements, 220 unique downloads, and 226 total downloads. The modder, Elianora, wanted to introduce funny mug designs since the ones in Starfield are so pedestrian.

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Credit: Nexus Mods

According to the mod’s page on Nexus Mods, the mod re-textures about 50% of the mugs found in the game. The page listed these mugs as now having new designs:

  • House Va'ruun spy
  • Get your own damn mug
  • Mondays, am I right?
  • We put the S in MAST!
  • I put the "I" in team
  • We're aliens to them

The modder said that the mod should work on both Game Pass and Steam versions.

Because of the vast scope of Starfield and Bethesda’s previous games, Elder Scrolls and Fallout, players tend to hoard stuff, thinking they might need it later. This applies not just to resources but also to pedestrian items like mugs, pencils, and trays.

Starfield director and Bethesda CEO Todd Howard said in a recent interview that they designed the game to give players the freedom to collect whatever they want.

However, he also said that encumbrance is the player’s responsibility, and they don’t always need the objects they hoard.

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