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starfield astronaut on the moon

starfield astronaut on the moon

As immersive and detailed as Bethesda’s RPGs are, the modding community keeps these games alive and fresh years after their release. The Starfield modding community is putting in some serious work, adding some insane gameplay and graphics improvement mods mere days after the game’s official launch. Here are some mods we want to see in Starfield.

Starfield is an action-adventure RPG with pretty impressive mods, but we’re barely scratching the surface of what’s possible. We hope to see the following mods for Starfield soon enough!

Weather Enhancement Mod

Weather enhancement mods are popular with the Skyrim and Fallout communities. These mods add new weather conditions and expand on the ones already in the game, like true storms for Fallout 4. We want to see similar weather overhaul mods for Starfield that add visual immersion elements in the game, depending on the planet and star system you’re exploring. Since the game is set in space, we can have all sorts of crazy weather anomalies.

Alternative Start Mod

Another type of mod we’re hoping to see is one that introduces alternative starting paths for your character in Starfield. Skyrim and Fallout games had mods that affected your character’s background, starting perks, and skills. Similarly, we want to see new Background mods for Starfield, consisting of some exciting traits and starting gear.

Horror Mod

starfield starship in asteroid field horror mod
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Due to Starfield’s setting, we hope to see some gameplay and environment overhaul mods that add cosmic horror elements to the game. Such mods could take inspiration from horror titles in similar settings like Prey, Alien, and the Dead Space games. Imagine a planet filled with hostile Terrormorph enemies, where one wrong step could mean game over.

Better Dialogue and Romance Mod

Regarding the dialogue options in the game, Bethesda peaked with Fallout: New Vegas and no subsequent game could replicate its success(according to the community, at least). So, we want to see some dialogue improvement mods for Starfield. For example, better dialogue mods were extremely popular among the Fallout 4 community, which either changed the presentation of the dialogue options or added new options for immersive role-playing.

Dialogue mods also result in the option of adding new romantic companions to the game. While Sarah, Sam, Andreja and Barrett are all lovable in their own way, we’d like to see some variety in your romantic choices. Wouldn’t it be interesting to romance companions like Amelia Earhart in Starfield?

New Factions Mod

starfield two space cowboys facing each other western duel style
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Factions are one of the best aspects of Starfield, with fleshed-out NPCs and amazing questlines. Unfortunately, the game only has five significant factions that you can join. Therefore, we want to see mods that introduce new joinable factions to Starfield and NPCs you can recruit as companions, each with their unique storylines.

Survival Mod

Combining the two exhilarates us as fans of Bethesda RPGs and the survival genre. Fallout 4 had a FROST survival simulator mod that completely overhauled the game and removed all the vanilla quests to make the gameplay more survival-oriented.

starfield outpost building top down
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We'd like to see a similar mod for Starfield that turns the game into a freeform survival experience focusing on realism, visual elements, storytelling, and resource management. Combine this with the outpost building system, and you could even have a unique tower defense-style survival mode.

Skyrim Mod

skyrim dohvakin walking
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Alright, consider this. Skyrim, but in Starfield? The idea might sound wild, but it’s not too far-fetched. Skyrim takes place on a singular planet, and Starfield has no shortage of planets. Imagine landing on a brand new planet only to find yourself on the continent of Tamriel. There are some very unique storylines and crossovers we could see here.

Dragons and Enemies Mod

skyrim dragon flying
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Another highly requested mod for Starfield is the addition of dragons to the game. While it’s fun exploring and meeting the hundreds of creatures in Starfield, coming face to face with dragons and the like is sure to be a riveting experience. It wouldn’t feel too far-fetched to bring back iconic Bethesda enemies such as the Giants from Skyrim, the Super Mutants from Fallout and even the fearsome Deathclaws.

V.A.T.S Mod

The V.A.T.S. system gave Fallout a unique identity when it comes to combat. It’s one of the most iconic combat systems in modern gaming, and we were expecting a futuristic title like Starfield to have it implemented. However, we will now wait for the modding community to build a V.A.T.S. system for combat in Starfield.

super mutant in V.A.T.S screen
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Star Wars Mod

star field star wars style spaceship
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If you're good at advanced shipbuilding, you might have tried building Star Wars-themed ships. When you’re knees deep in an incredible RPG in space, you can’t help but expect a ton of Star Wars mods, the most significant space opera franchise out there. We can say that various mods adding Star Wars quests, characters, sick lightsaber battles, and a complete overhaul of Starfield’s environment to match the Star Wars universe are sure to flood the internet soon!

Those are some Starfield mods that we are excited to see. Many of these will fix the things players hate about Starfield and give us more excuses to love Starfield instead.

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