Starfield Mod Improves Vegetation and Turns Erindani IV Into the Moon of Endor

image of a forest with the hunter starfield
Credit: Bethesda

image of a forest with the hunter starfield
Credit: Bethesda

Starfield’s Settled System is home to multiple planets and moons with different biomes and surfaces.

From rocky moons and snowy planets to planets with dense forests and vegetation, exploring each gives an almost unique experience every time.

Now, thanks to Starfield’s Creations Club, a new mod further improves vegetation on planets so much that the planet Eridani IV becomes similar to the Moon of Endor in Star Wars.

Originally posted on Reddit by u/AbstractMirror, the Denser Vegetation mod by ItsmePaulieB overhauls the flora of Eridani IV, turning it into the prime habitat for Star Wars' Ewoks and similar creatures.

The mod adds more non-scannable plantations to any applicable planet, making each planet feel more robust and teeming with life. However, while this mod increases the plants on planets that support life, it does not improve the vegetation count on barren planets.

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The mod’s file size is roughly 3 MB, which is fairly light and easy to load on Xbox consoles. The mod adds more plants and depth to the newly overhauled forest by making the trees cast immersive shadows.

image on an outpost in the forest
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Credit: Bethesda

Installing a mod in Xbox is easy and beginner-friendly, and thanks to our guide, newbie gamers can fully utilize the available mods in Creations. Simply pick, download, and save your mods to start customizing Starfield. Our list of the best Xbox Starfield mods is a handy guide on which mods to install first.

In other Starfield community news, one dedicated player created a comic book based on the space exploration game. Centered around Lyra and Vasco, the comic follows the duo as they investigate Project Gateway.

Whether you are off exploring the galaxy while lounging in your ship on autopilot or out and about finishing the Tracker’s Alliance bounty quests, be sure to stay updated about everything Starfield by following Starfield Portal.

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