Starfield’s Autopilot Mod Changes Space Travel Forever With Seamless Interplanetary Travel

an advertisement for starfield portal shows a space ship
Credit: Bethesda

an advertisement for starfield portal shows a space ship
Credit: Bethesda

With Starfield’s vast number of planets and star systems, some players may find traveling between planets and stars tedious and repetitive.

Players have to enter the destination star system, and the game will load straight into the planet’s orbit, which some players find monotonous, boring, and immersion-breaking.

This makes space travel in Starfield somewhat dull and overlooked, but thanks to a mod, space travel now feels like the luxury mode of transportation it should have been.

Initially posted by u/JarusinTheStars on Reddit, the Astrogate mod makes space travel seamless. This mod allows players to turn on the ship’s autopilot and lounge around the ship as the vessel drifts through space.

Players can interact with everything inside their ship as it reaches its destination, improving the space travel experience. After all, traveling around the Settled Systems shouldn’t be tiring.

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The mod adds a new feature called Supercruise, which can be tweaked depending on how fast you want space travel to be.

Four levels of Supercruise are available, with the fourth speed allowing players to travel between Kurtz to Jemison in 10 seconds. A level 2 Supercruise makes the same travel destination at around 4-5 minutes, just enough time to lounge around the ship and interact with your crewmates.

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Credit: Bethesda | RealityIDR on NexusMods

While the mod isn’t coming to Xbox soon, Starfield’s Creations Club has over 600 mods that console players can use to improve their gameplay. Some mods improve follower behavior, while some make Starfield turn into the best Star Wars game ever.

In other Starfield news, Todd Howard confirmed that Starfield would receive subsequent updates and content after Shattered Space. Dubbed Starfield Year 2, players can expect to see more planets utilized in this content, with a possible addition of features such as land vehicles.

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