Starfield - Bounty The Starjacker Walkthrough

bounty starjacker starfield
Credit: Bethesda

bounty starjacker starfield
Credit: Bethesda

Ready to prove yourself to the Trackers Alliance? This mission will help you through the second part of the quest, Bounty Starjacker.

Hannibal is one tricky target who has never been captured; it is up to you (and Roach) to track down this wanted man and bring him in.

So, if you are stuck looking for the Sunsail Ship Key or the Command Tower Key, this guide will show you exactly where these items are.

Report to Agent No. 1

Agent No. 1 Trackers HQ Starfield
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Credit: Bethesda

Agent No. 1 will tell you that you will usually not receive a briefing for missions like this one. You will be presented with options.

  • Understood. I can handle that
  • I’ll try to manage
  • What if I don’t know what to do?
  • Is there a reason you don’t give Trackers more direction?

Once you listen to the briefing and find out Roach will be your partner for the mission, you will have more dialogue options.

  • I’ll speak with him. Thank you
  • Hannibal. Chop Shop. Got it. Let’s do this
  • I don’t need a partner. I work alone
  • It sounded like Roach didn’t want to work with me. Are you sure about this?
  • A chop shop? What’s that?

After picking your choices, talk with Roach next to the board.

Discuss the plan with Roach

Roach Trackers HQ Starfield
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Credit: Bethesda

Roach will start explaining earlier when you arrived and heard him say he doesn’t want a partner. You will get a dialogue prompt.

  • Don’t worry. I’m not about to ruin your streak or whatever.
  • I’m more worried you’re going to break MY streak.
  • I accept your apology.
  • Why should I care. I don’t even know who you are.
  • Let’s rewind and try to start on the right foot. I’m (Character Name).

Select the option you feel is right, and then you'll have another chance to talk with Roach.

  • You got it
  • By the end, I promise you’ll be asking me for tips
  • What’s this record you’re concerned about?
  • You said you came close to beating the record. What happened?

Roach then explains the plan of getting the information out of the informant. Next, you will have the choice to reply

  • No questions, let’s get our guy.
  • I’ll hold my questions for later. We should get moving.
  • What if the informant, Adrastos, doesn’t talk?
  • Have you ever gone after Hannibal Eutropio before?

Once you have made your selections, Roach will tell you that you can use your scanner to locate Adrastos.

Use Scanner to find Adrastos On Akila City Streets

Scanning bounties in Starfield
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Credit: Bethesds

Before heading out, there will be another set of dialogue options to speak with Roach.

  • How do I use my scanner to find Adrastos?
  • What do you think about this mission?
  • Why hasn’t anyone been able to catch Hannibal?
  • You really think Adrastos is going to lead us to Hannibal?
  • Any good tracker tips?
  • If we’re going to work together, what can you tell me about yourself?

Again, make the choices you wish and then exit the conversation.

Tip: If you ask how to use your scanner to locate Adrastos, Roach will tell you that you can use it to scan people like you have for resources

After the delightful conversation with Roach, head back into the streets of Akila City via the HQ exit.

Walk down the stairs next to The Rock with the scanner open. Most people will be highlighted in blue. Wait for a few seconds, and you will see a red-highlighted individual that Roach tells you is the target.

Interrogate Adrastos

Passing Persuasion skill check Starfield
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Credit: Bethesda

Use the scanner to scan, and you can see the target's bounty and details on the crimes they have committed.

Walk up to Adrastos and talk to him, and you will get a persuasion skill check.

+1 I know you can give us information on your boss, Hannibal
+1 We’re looking for Hannibal Eutropio and we think you know where he is.
+2 We can protect you from your boss if that’s what you’re worried about
+3 Let me see… Grand theft, trespassing, fraud… You’re wanted for a lot of crimes

Other options will pop up as you make your way through the persuasion check.

+5 We just want to know how to find your boss. Is he really worth protecting?
+5 You know I could just kill you, right?

The easiest way to pass the check is to select all the green you can first and then attempt the +3 to make Adrastos cooperate.

Afterwards, you will have dialogue options to choose from again.

  • What he said.
  • And if you’re extra good, we’ll give you a gold star.
  • No lies. No tricks... If so, no one’s going to miss you.
  • How do we know you won’t just lie to us?

Adrastos will claim not to know where Hannibal is but does know where to find his chop shop. You’ll have these options to select from.

  • Now we’re getting somewhere.
  • Good. Give us the location.
  • Let me guess. 42 Bullshit Lane.
  • Tell us, and if you’re wrong, that’s the end of you.
  • What else can you tell me about the chop shop?

Selecting the last one will inform you that Hannibal has a team of Spacers he keeps around for muscle. Then he reveals the shop is in the Andromas system on Andromas IV-A.

Speak with Roach

Roach will ask for a word before you head out. Go and speak with him. He tells you that Adrastos has to come with you and that using his ship would get you recognised quickly.

  • I see your gears turning. I’m sensing a plan
  • I hope you’re not suggesting we use my ship
  • Maybe we can use Adrastos’ ship
  • Do you really trust this guy’s leading us to the right place?

Roach will tell you he has a ship you can use to get to the chop shop, and Adrastos will help with your cover story. Then, you must pick from the following.

  • Seems as good a plan as any. I’m ready.
  • I like the plan where we just blast the shop and collect Hannibal from the wreckage.
  • What happens if our cover is blown?
  • What will we do with Adrastos here when we get there?
  • I’ve got a crew in my ship. What about them?

Board the Decoy Ship

Decoy Ship Akila Starfield
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Credit: Bethesda

The decoy ship will be at the landing pad just outside the gates of Akila City; make your way there and board the ship.

Take the Decoy Ship to the Chop Shop

The chop shop is in the Andromas system, so head there once you take off from Akila.

Find and Approach the Chop Shop

Once you jump to the system and reach Andromas IV-A, Adrastos will tell you that the chop shop will hail you as you approach. Head towards the chop shop marked on your HUD.

Answer the Hail

Ship being hailed from station Starfield
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Credit: Bethesda

The chop shop will hail your ship as you approach its vicinity and answer their call; Adrastos will talk his way past the questions for you.

Dock with the Chop Shop

After seemingly believing Adrastos's lie that he stole the ship, they will invite you to dock. Fly towards the docking bay and dock your ship.

Enter the Chop Shop

Once successfully connected to the chop shop, leave your ship and board after listening to Roach prepping you for what lies ahead.

Find Hannibal

Your next task is to find your target—Hannibal Eutropio. Inside the chop shop, you will find yourself in a zero-g atmosphere, so hopefully, you have practised combat in this atmosphere before. Visiting some of the temples where you unlock new powers will help you fine-tune zero-g movement.

Head through the doorway downstairs on the left of where you have just entered. Be prepared for a Spacer waiting to attack as you head in. Take care of him quickly and then move through the orange doors on the right side of the room.

Move through the corridor, and you will hear Hannibal warn his henchmen that they are under attack. Open the orange door on the opposite side and enter the loading bay.

You will need to deal with several spacers in the main room before moving on.

Over to the right, there is a break room. There will be more Spacers here, so be ready to fight and heal up if needed before heading in. Several food items are floating around in the break room that you can grab to top up your health if you are low on healing items.

Continue into the next hangar and eliminate all enemies in your path; as you push forward, Roach will ask you to find an access tunnel to enter the loading bay.

Find Another Way Into the Loading Bay

Area above the ship in the hangar Starfield
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Credit: Bethesda

Float over to the middle of the room above the ship and use your jetpack to ascend the red-lit area directly above.

Find a Way to Fire the Missile Pod

Follow the red cable marked as you enter the area above the ship, back down and to the ship, and approach the entrance. The ship is locked and requires a Sunsail Ship Key to enter.

Sunsail Ship Key Location

sunsail ship key location Starfield
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Credit: Bethesda

The Sunsail Ship key can be found in a locker under the ship in the hangar, but the next few steps must be followed first.

Find Information on Accessing the Sunsail Ship

Locked door command tower key starfield
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Credit: Bethesda

Boost up and over the ship and head towards the blue wall at the other end of the bay. The computer you need to access is in this room. Unfortunately, the doors are locked and require a command tower key to open.

Command Tower Key Location

Command tower key location Starfield
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Credit: Bethesda

The Tower key can be found above the control room computer.

Head back to the ship with the red cable and head underneath to access the back area. More Spacers are lurking here, so be cautious. After taking out all the hostiles, head up and enter the room with the computer.

Access the control room computer, select Inventory Logs, and open the Sunsail file.

Open the Living Quarters Doors

Crew quarters sunsail ship key
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Credit: Bethesda

Next, while still using the control room computer, open Station Lockdown Override and select Disable Station Lockdown. This will open the living quarters doors.

If you want more information about the chop shop, you can read the other files on the computer before heading off.

Grab the command tower key above the computer and head out the door on the left.

Find the Sunsail Ship Key

Head forward and down in the main room and left to the newly unlocked crew quarters area. Float to the other end of the corridor, grabbing the healing items along the way before going through the doors on the other side.

Take a left head up the stairs and round into an open area with more Spacers.

Take them out, head to the centre of the room, and travel down to the ground floor. Ahead should be a locker with the Sunsail Ship key and some ammo; grab the key and leave the crew quarters the way you came in.

Fire the Missile Pod

sunsail ship starfield
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Credit: Bethesda

Once you are back in the main hangar, head down and left to the back of the ship again, entering using the Sunsail Ship key.

Inside the ship, go up and forward until you reach the cockpit. Open the door and prepare for a Spacer attack. If you are quick, you can shoot a canister behind the Spacer to cause an explosion, taking the henchmen out.

Access the ship computer and open the debug menu. Next, choose (Online) Weapon Missile Pod and then ((Execute Test Sequence)) to fire the missile. An alarm will sound when you exit the desktop, and the missile will fire. You can explore the ship if you wish for some items before heading back out the entrance and up above the ship into the shaft above it once more.

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Find Hannibal

head through the steam starfield
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Credit: Bethesda

Thanks to your missile-launching skills, the area where you initially found the red wire now has a hole in the wall. Head through the steam and down. Be prepared for a tough fight with some high-level Spacers down here. Heal up first before attempting the fight, if need be.

Once the area is clear, head through the doors that say Docking Area 3.

Deal with Hannibal

Right behind the doors is your target, Hannibal. He will ask you not to shoot and claims to only be an employee, not Hannibal. Talk to him to get the following options.

  • I'm going to need you to elaborate on that. Fast
  • You've got to be kidding me...
  • I'll give you one chance to tell me who you are, then
  • I'm not buying it, Hannibal. You can't fool me, you slippery son of a bitch

Hannibal, now 'Deke Hanson, ' claims that Hannibal often asks his workers to act as decoys and that he isn't the real Hannibal, leaving you with these options.

  • You stay here with him. I'll go make sure Hannibal's still secure
  • Take him back to our ship. We'll let the authorities sort this out
  • Kill him. If he's telling the truth, we don't need him
  • It's his lucky day. Let him go. No sense in wasting time if he's got no bounty
  • Well now. I'm just confused. I don't know what to do

Selecting "You stay here with him. I'll go make sure Hannibal's still secure", prompts Hannibal/Adrastos to inform you over the station speakers that he is taking your ship and leaving you with a junker because he isn't such a bad guy after all.

You can loot the crate at the end of the hall to receive the junker key and a host of other goodies.

Claim the Junker Watchdog Ship

loot crate starfield
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Credit: Bethesda

Loot the chest for the junker watchdog ship key and the other items, then exit via the door behind it to enter the ship.

Head up the ladder and into the ship's cockpit, then sit on the pilot's chair.

Return to Agent No. 1

back to agent no. 1 starfield
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Credit: Bethesda

Undock from the chop shop and grav jump back to Cheyenne. Await the contraband scan and land at Akila City.

With your feet back on solid ground again, head to the Trackers Alliance HQ near The Rock. Inside, approach Agent No. 1 and speak to him; Roach kindly lets you explain what happened, so choose from the following.

  • Hannibal tricked us and led us into a trap
  • Roach had a great plan, but Hannibal proved to be too slippery
  • The bastard escaped, but I'm ready to get back out there and find him
  • [Lie] What? But he was right with us! Ah well. What can you do?

Choose your preferred answer and listen as Agent No. 1 asks Roach how you performed on the mission. You will then be welcomed into the alliance and granted access to the elite mission board. Next, you are asked what your preferred call sign is for other Trackers to address you as. The choice is from the following.

  • Bear
  • Blitzkrieg
  • Mantis
  • Nightstalker
  • Nova

Choose whichever you like best, and congratulations, you have successfully, or maybe not so successfully, completed your mission!


Junker Watchdog Ship

Refined Trackers Alliance Balanced Pack

Refined Trackers Alliance Space Helmet

Refined Trackers Alliance Spacesuit

Optional (in chest before Junker entrance)

Shipbreakers Cutter

Advanced Arc Might Plasma Cutter


Small Round Primer (4)

Advanced Extreme Temperature Entry Spacesuit

Advanced Extreme Temperature Power Pack

Advanced Extreme Temperature Helmet





That concludes the Starjacker Trackers Alliance mission. Stay with us here at Starfield Portal for all your guides, walkthroughs, and news on all things Bethesda and Starfield.

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