Starfield Gets Its Own Comic Book Adaptation

a couple of women are standing next to each other in a living room .
Credit: Bethesda | u/trollivier

a couple of women are standing next to each other in a living room .
Credit: Bethesda | u/trollivier

Starfield’s Creations Club is one of the many platforms creative players can use to express their creativity and showcase their creations. Through these mods, Xbox players can finally experience customized Starfield gameplay.

However, some players' creativity goes beyond creating mods to artistic items, such as 3D printing a replica of a popular in-game SMG. One particular Starfield player made their own comic book based on the space exploitation RPG.

two women are talking to each other in a room in a video game .
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Credit: Bethesda | u/trollivier

Originally posted on Reddit by u/trollivier, their comic book adaptation of Starfield now has 17 volumes. It follows the story of Lyra, a spacefarer accompanied by Vasco.

In the latest volume, they can be seen going back to The Lodge and interacting with Sarah as she debriefs the duo about a specific Project Gateway that The Lodge wants to investigate.

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Titled The Radiant Huntress, the comic book is interestingly well-made. The panels were presumably made using Starfield’s Photo Mode.

There is more to be seen with the comic, as it also shows great facial expressions from the characters.

Fellow Starfield fans from the subreddit also mentioned that the comic book has a huge potential to grow bigger and better. Fans and players who want to follow u/trollivier’s Starfield comic creations can visit this link and check out the previous volumes.

In other Starfield news, Starfield has continued to grow in player numbers, with a whopping 14 million players averaging 40 hours each, according to Todd Howard.

Bethesda is developing annual story expansions for Starfield, and a new one will be announced after Shattered Space’s release this year.

Starfield Creations has also garnered almost 1,000 mods since its release, despite the controversies surrounding the paid mods.

Todd Howard addressed this in a recent interview and mentioned that Bethesda is aware of the community feedback and aims to improve the system encompassing paid mods.

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