The Xbox Beginner’s Guide to Starfield Creations Club

a poster for starfield portal with an astronaut in a circle
Credit: Bethesda

a poster for starfield portal with an astronaut in a circle
Credit: Bethesda

Starfield has become one of the Bethesda games with a Creations Club, and Xbox users can now access various mods.

From fascinating Star Wars mods to mining and space-farming simulators, there are endless possibilities for modding Skyrim on Xbox.

Modding Starfield on Xbox may sound like a daunting task, so to help you begin your modding journey in Starfield, we’ve prepped this guide to help you navigate through the basics of Creations, free and paid mods, checking mod sizes, load orders, crashes, achievement, and much more.

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Credit: Bethesda

Why Mod Starfield on Xbox?

Modding Starfield lets you add more features and mechanics made by the Starfield modding community. Balance fixes, NPC improvements, and many others made by Bethesda themselves and verified community modders are a few examples.

These mods were initially available only to PC users, but after Starfield’s June update, Xbox users can now enjoy custom creations. Starfield mods for Xbox are available through Creations Club, a feature and community hub made by Bethesda for modders' user-generated content.

Mods downloaded via the Creations Club are harmless and safe to install. However, be mindful of how many mods you’ve downloaded; some may be redundant and conflict with others.

With that in mind, let’s get modding!

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Downloading and Installing Mods

  • To start, make sure Starfield is updated to the latest version. Once updated, a new option will be available in the Main Menu named “Creations”.
  • Upon opening the Creations Menu, players who purchased Starfield’s Premium Edition will receive 1,000 free credits, which they can use to buy paid mods.
  • Then select your mod. Some mods are paid mods that require Creations credits. These credits can be purchased using real money via the Purchase Credits option in the Creations Menu.
  • Mods will have different tags such as “Load Order Neutral”, “Lore Friendly”, “Cheats” “Achievement Friendly”, and many others indicating the type of mod. Be wary of downloading mods, as any without the “Achievement Friendly” tag will disable your Xbox achievements for Starfield.
  • Once you’ve selected your preferred mod, you can start downloading and installing by hitting the Download button. The mod description shows the mod’s file size, which is handy for checking whether you still have enough storage space on your Xbox.
  • Once downloaded, Creations will automatically install your chosen mod.
  • Exit the Creations Menu, and Starfield will reload your data files. This doesn’t reload the save files but instead reloads the game as a whole without having to exit the game.
  • Upon loading your saved game, all chosen mods will be activated.
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Credit: Bethesda

Load Order - What Is It and Why Is It Important?

  • The load order is the order in which your downloaded mods are loaded into the game. Some mods require being at the top of the load order, while others require being at the bottom end.
  • The mod load order is important as some complex mods require dependency on other mods. An incorrect load order may fail to activate a certain mod and, in other cases, may cause Starfield to crash.
  • To determine your mods’ load order, read the mod description on its page in the Creations Menu. The description should include which mods depend on other mods and the preferred load order.
  • Some mods do not require being in any specific place within the load order. They will have a “Load Order Neutral” tag on their description.
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Credit: Bethesda

My Game Crashed - Now What?

  • Installing conflicting mods is likely the culprit for game crashes. The best approach to game crashes on Xbox is identifying which mod caused the crash.
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  • First, check your load order and see which mod was recently installed since the game crashed. Try disabling it and then save your load order. If successful, your Starfield save should load smoothly.
  • If you want to activate the mod causing the crash, another option is to identify which mod is conflicting with the first one. Leave your mod enabled, and try disabling your other mods one by one to see which one causes your game to crash. Once identified, disable the conflicting mod, and your game should run smoothly.
  • Suppose you don’t want to disable any of your existing mods but keep on experiencing crashes after installing a specific mod. In that case, it is best to wait for an update from the mod author for that mod, as it is likely to be a common issue amongst Xbox players, and you are not the only one experiencing the crash.
  • Be sure to backup your save files from time to time. Modded Starfield saves will have a “C” next to the character name in your save game menu.
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Credit: Bethesda

What Are Paid Mods?

  • Paid mods are purchasable mods offered by verified Starfield modders. They are often more complex and intricate and can be considered expansion packs.
  • These paid mods can be downloaded once purchased by spending Creations credits.
  • More Creations credits can be purchased using real money via the Creations Menu.

Tips and Tricks

  • You can search for a specific mod by using the Search option in the Creations Menu.
  • You can browse the creations of a specific mod author by opening one of their mods and selecting “View More By Author.”
  • You can bookmark mods and save them for later by clicking the “Bookmark” option in the mod’s description.
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Credit: Bethesda

Modding Starfield on Xbox opens up new creative and gameplay possibilities. Better immersion, more fun, and a better gaming experience are just a few of what modded games can provide.

With Bethesda’s addition of Creations Club to the game, players can expect endless quality content from the modding community.

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