Starfield Fan Constructs a Colossal Frog Spaceship: Introducing Space Frog

Ship of the week
Credit: Reddit

Ship of the week
Credit: Reddit

Like any other Bethesda game, Starfield offers tons of content and customizability. From ship creations to ridiculous mods, exploring the universe has never been this amazing, and fans have never run out of fantastic user-created content.

One particular fan aimed to send their beloved amphibian to space in spaceship form. Reddit user u/Pestd0kt0r has created their very own enormous Space Frog, using the game’s ship-building feature.

Ship of the week
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Credit: Reddit

Gigantic is quite the understatement for this green, mean, space pirate-hunting machine. With eight full landing struts, a large hull, and a Nova Galactic cockpit, diving deep into space as a Starborn Mandalorian using this celestial amphibian will be great.

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Fellow gamers expressed amazement about the ship, some even mentioning that it looked like a Halo vehicle. One user even wished for new ship DLCs featuring vessels from Star Trek, Mass Effect, or even Star Wars. With Bethesda announcing the new DLC roadmap for the game, one can hope to see brand new things for Starfield’s ship-building enthusiasts.

Bethesda’s announcement on the future of Starfield sets the stage for more content creation like this. With Fallout 4 receiving the next-gen treatment, fans are speculating whether spelunking in different moons in Starfield could be possible in PS5.

While the Shattered Space DLC is rumored to be released later this year, it will still feel like a long wait for Starfield fans who have already finished the main campaign.

In the meantime, check out what we want to see from Starfield during 2024. Or maybe try your hand at building an outpost and try to get your build featured in our weekly pick.

Did you like the Space Frog? Do you have a ship or outpost you are proud of? Share it with us in the comments below!

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