Starfield: PS5 Port is Coming, Fans Say After 60 FPS Patch Release

todd howard pointing at playstation 5
Credit: Sony/Bethesda

todd howard pointing at playstation 5
Credit: Sony/Bethesda

Starfield is an exclusive title for Microsoft’s Xbox Series X/S consoles and PC through Steam. However, recent updates have spurred speculation that Bethesda is preparing the game for release on the PlayStation 5.

The Starfield fandom generally counts the days until Update 1.11.33, the latest patch being tested on Steam Beta, becomes publicly available on May 15. This update is due to a couple of display modes coming to Xbox Series X consoles that allow them to reach 60 frames per second when running the game, among other things.

While the beta testers are chipping away at the patch, some players on the social networking X, formerly Twitter, are also discussing a surprising theory that popped up due to the exciting new display modes first seen in last week’s Fallout 4 next-gen update.

The discussion started when the gaming talk show Reforge Gaming posted on its official X account asking its followers to theorize about why Bethesda is introducing that new feature.

While some hilarious replies suggest that Bethesda is finally done with Starfield’s beta testing phase, the most common consensus is that the studio is gearing up to release the game to the Xbox’s competitor console - the PlayStation 5.

One user, titanghost42, said it makes sense that they’d make 60 FPS possible for the Xbox Series X to avoid negative sentiments later on when the game comes out on PS5, where it was seen that Bethesda games could run on 30, 40, and 60 FPS.

Another user, evaNEMEY, suggested that Bethesda is optimizing Starfield to encourage players to purchase a copy instead of through GeForce Now or Game Pass in preparation for a PlayStation 5 release.

However, some users are also convinced that what’s happening is simply game optimization and that Bethesda has its hands full with Fallout to work on a third-party port.

Do you believe that Starfield could be released to PlayStation 5 soon? Let us know your thoughts!

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