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If you want to become a space captain with the most decked-out ship and a complete understanding of how advanced shipbuilding works, you need to get the best ship parts. But before you can get the best parts, you need to go through all your options. Starfield has a lineup of various ship manufacturers, each with its own individual style and specializations. Today, we'll examine all the Starfield ship manufacturers and their specializations.

All Ship Manufacturers in Starfield

There are 19 Ship Manufacturers in Starfield who specialize in different kinds of ship parts.

  • Amun Dunn
  • Ballistic Solutions Inc.
  • Deep Core
  • Deimos
  • Dogstar
  • HopeTech
  • Horizon Defense
  • Light Scythe
  • Nautilus
  • Panoptes
  • Nova Galactic
  • Protectorate Systems
  • Reladyne
  • Sextant Shield Systems
  • Shinigami
  • Slayton Aerospace
  • Stroud Eklund
  • Taiyo Astroneering
  • Xiang

Every Ship Manufacturer in Starfield Explained

Amun Dunn

  • Specialises in power reactors
  • Location: Generic Manufacturer

Amun Dunn is highly regarded for its range of top-tier reactors, a trusted name in the Settled Systems, offering components like the high-capacity Amunn Dunn-X 300 engine.

Ballistic Solutions Inc.

  • Specializes in ballistic weapons and fuel tanks
  • Location: Generic Manufacturer

Ballistic Solutions Inc. is renowned for its advanced ship weapons and fuel tanks, delivering firepower and energy capacity crucial for space exploration and combat. Go the distance and rip apart their hulls.

Deep Core

  • Specializes in grav drives and cargo holds
  • Location: Generic Manufacturer

Deep Core provides powerful grav drives and cargo holds, essential for mining, resource gathering, and extended voyages, with products like the Apollo GV300 grav drive.


deimos starfield
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  • Specializes in defensive ship parts and ballistic weapons
  • Shipyard Location: Deimos Staryard, orbit of Deimos (moon of Mars), Sol System
  • Showroom Location: Starfield, Deimos Showroom

Deimos combines hub storage with hull integrity, offering parts like the DS40.2 Ares Bridge cockpit, prioritizing defense in their design philosophy as they provide some tanky components to beef up your ship while having a good range of firepower options.


  • Specializes in shields, cargo holds, and reactors
  • Showroom Location: Generic Manufacturer

Dogstar is another leader in defensive systems, providing top-notch reactors, fuel tanks, and shield generators, such as the 104DS Mag Inertial Reactor and the H40 Atlas He3 Tank. If you feel you get hit too much, get a Dogstar shield.


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  • Specializes in all-around solid ship parts
  • Shipyard Location: Hopetown Shipyard, Polvo, Valo System
  • Showroom Location: Starfield, HopeTech Building Main Entrance

HopeTech offers a robust selection of structural parts, landing gears, and dockers, ensuring ships are equipped with the highest quality components for reliability and functionality. While they're not aesthetic or luxurious, they're robust and get the job done reliably.

Horizon Defense

  • Specializes in ballistic and energy weapons
  • Showroom Location: Generic Manufacturer

Horizon Defense equips ships for the dangers of space travel with an arsenal of energy and ballistic weapons, including the Hunter Mag-450 Missile Launcher and Dragon 251P UV Pulse Laser.

Light Scythe

  • Specializes in energy weapons
  • Showroom Location: Generic Manufacturer

Light Scythe stands out for its superior energy weapons, offering advanced ballistic options and energy weapons like the Exterminator 95MeV Auto Helion Beam. If handling the space combat system feels too much, feel free to rely on Light Scythe's EM turrets.


  • Specializes in shields and fuel tanks
  • Location: Generic Manufacturer

Nautilus excels in ship defence, crafting shields such as the formidable Fortress A3 generator and providing durable fuel tanks for extended travels into the deep reaches of space.


  • Specializes in engines
  • Location: Generic Manufacturer

Panoptes is dedicated to engine excellence, with innovations like the Poseidon DT-230 engine, making them a leading choice for ship propulsion in the Settled Systems. Increase your thrust and turning power with Panoptes.

Nova Galactic

nova galactic starfield
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  • Specializes in habs, landing gear, and structures
  • Showroom Location: New Homestead, Titan, Sol System
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Nova Galactic is prominent for its comprehensive range of ship parts, from the Nova Galactic Grav Drive to the Cabot C4 Bridge cockpit, ensuring ships are well-equipped for any long-distance endeavour. These are great for the structural parts of your ship.

Protectorate Systems

  • Specializes in cargo holds
  • Location: Generic Manufacturer

Protectorate Systems is focused on expanding cargo capabilities with advanced holds, enhancing resource-gathering and loot storage for those who love gathering and trading resources or hoarding large inventories.


  • Specializes in engines and grav drives
  • Location: Generic Manufacturer

Reladyne's engines and grav drives, such as the J-52 Gamma Drive, are at the forefront of ship manoeuvrability and power, making them a go-to for pilots seeking the fastest performance.

Sextant Shield Systems

Sextant Shield Systems ensures the safety of cargo and crew with their advanced shield generators, offering top-tier protection for ships in the Settled Systems.


  • Specializes in energy weapons
  • Location: Generic Manufacturer

Shinigami is a dominant force in energy weapons, providing cutting-edge laser technology and firepower to equip ships for ripping apart enemy shields in space combat.

Slayton Aerospace

slayton starfield
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Slayton Aerospace competes with advanced grav drives and engines like the SDG 2300, enhancing ships with some of the finest propulsion systems. Great for long-distance space travel.

Stroud Eklund

stroud starfield
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  • Specializes in structures and aesthetics
  • Shipyard Location: Stroud-Eklund Staryard, orbiting Dalvik (moon of Deepala), Narion System
  • Showroom Location: Starfield, Stroud Eklund Company Waiting Area

Stroud Eklund offers a luxury experience with their sleek ship designs and interiors, making them a top choice for pilots who value aesthetics as much as functionality.

Taiyo Astroneering

taiyo starfield
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  • Specializes in cockpits and habs
  • Showroom Location: Taiyo Astroneering Showroom, Neon, Volii Alpha, Volii System.

Taiyo Astroneering's distinct ship designs and high-end cockpits, like the Himeji Command Bridge, provide style and sophistication to any fleet. These are for people who value style in their interiors and overall aesthetic.


  • Specializes in reactors
  • Location: Generic Manufacturer

Xiang's focus on powerful reactors, including the Tokmak X-300, places them at the pinnacle of energy system manufacturers in the Settled Systems. It is perfect for any ship that needs more Reactor power.

That concludes our overview of all the ship manufacturers and parts in Starfield and where you can find them. For more Starfield guides, check out the best ships to steal and the best early game ships.

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