Bethesda May Reveal Shattered Space at Xbox Showcase

shattered space starfield astronaut

shattered space starfield astronaut

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Bethesda will be participating in the upcoming Xbox Showcase in June. The studio is rumored to be revealing the release date for Starfield’s downloadable content expansion Shattered Space, which is said to come out on September 2024, during the event.

Despite Bethesda promising and then rolling out a series of updates that improved Starfield to a certain extent, fans of the game are impatient and unhappy at the lack of news on its first expansion, Shattered Space.

For example, the studio has not specified a release date. However, that changed when Todd Howard appeared in the Kinda Funny Games podcast, where he said that Shattered Space will come out in the Fall (between September 1 and November 30).

It also appears that we will soon hear about the actual release date, based on a post by gaming influencer Xbox_Series_XS on the social networking site X, formerly Twitter.

According to the post, Bethesda, Activision Blizzard, and Xbox Game Studios will participate in the June Xbox Showcase event. The event will feature presentations from each studio and conclude with announcements for Call of Duty Direct and Game Pass.

It is believed that Bethesda will use the showcase to finally confirm the release date for Shattered Space in September, as indicated by Howard during the interview. This release window makes the most sense as it coincides with Starfield’s first anniversary after it was released on September 6 last year.

Despite this exciting update, no official details about the content in Shattered Space exist. However, theories abound on the Internet, with many believing that it will be about the Va’Ruun home planet, Va’Ruunkai.

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