Bethesda Speak On The Future Of Starfield

Future of starfield
Credit: Bethesda

Future of starfield
Credit: Bethesda

As we are all still gathering our thoughts on Starfield's most significant update since launch, Bethesda has stated that they aren't done with the space RPG yet.

Tucked away at the bottom of their post detailing the new features within the update is a message speaking on what is yet to come to Starfield and promising players that Update 4 was just the beginning.

The future of Starfield
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Credit: Bethesda

The post on Bethesda's official site reads:


The team isn’t slowing down with this update. There are some major features on the horizon, including a land vehicle for speedier planetary exploration, official mod support for Starfield, and the massive Shattered Space expansion. Stay tuned in the coming months for more news on these!

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Following our own thoughts and opinions on the latest update, Bethesda has echoed our hopes of this patch being just the start of big changes to the base game with this statement.

Many, including ourselves, would have liked to have seen buggies arrive with this update, but we could see the land vehicle arrive pretty soon going by the first look seen in footage shown during Bethesda's May update on progress being made to updating Starfield.

Having a vehicle to traverse some of the wide-open planets found throughout the Settled Systems will be a huge asset, and this feature has been much requested since day one.

Whatever is around the corner for Starfield, we will be here to cover it; in the meantime, why not check out what we want to see from Starfield in 2024 or even try out one of our handy mission guides for those new to the game or coming back after time away?

So, what do you think of the new update? Is it a game-changer, or is it not enough? Let us know in the comments below!

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