Andreja Romance Quest - Divided Loyalties

starfield divided loyalties andreja dialogue

starfield divided loyalties andreja dialogue

Starfield has a bunch of romance options for you to explore and discover alongside your companions from Constellation. These tend to build up to a quest that explores elements from their past, where they confront those issues head-on and come to terms with everything. One such quest is Andreja's Romance quest, Divided Loyalties.

How to Unlock Divided Loyalties?

You'll get the Activity "Speak to Andreja"; completing it thrice will unlock Divided Loyalties. These activities become available once you've built up Andreja's affinity to a certain level.

There isn't an in-game tracker for this, but if you perform actions that she likes or approves of, you can increase your meter. Furthermore, be sure to pick the flirt option whenever you talk to her. Once you've built enough affinity, she'll approach you about an issue bothering her.

starfield divided loyalties andreja dialogue about friends
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Divided Loyalties Walkthrough

Speak to Andreja

Once you've built up enough affinity with Andreja, she'll express concerns about friends in her past that she abandoned. She wishes to make amends and check up on them.

Go to Akila City

Travel to Akila City on the planet Akila in the Cheyenne Star System.

Go to Aggie's Bar

Head to Aggie's Bar on the left side of Akila City, and Andreja will speak to you about Eren Bascolm here.

starfield divided loyalties aggie's bar
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Speak to Aggie about Eren Bascolm

An agitated Aggie will be pretty hostile toward Andreja when you ask her about Eren Bascolm. Speak to her and get Eren's Location.

starfield divided loyalties speak to aggie
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Speak to Andreja

Speak to Andreja about the conversation, and she'll communicate her feelings. She'll be angry at the accusations put on her.

starfield divided loyalties angry andreja
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Travel to Hyla II

When you travel to Hyla II in the Hyla Star System, you can pick up Eren Bascolm's camp from the ship radar. Land there.

starfield divided loyalties hyla ii eren's camp
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Find Eren Bascolm's Camp

You'll land a bit far away from Eren Bascolm's Camp, but this is for the best as it seems to be overrun by Va'ruun Zealots. You can try using the forest cover to approach them with stealth.

starfield divided loyalties va'ruun zealots on eren's camp
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Defeat the Zealots

The Zealots can be quite threatening compared to Ecliptics and Spacers. Take care with the Elite enemy inside the building, as he can be pretty tough to kill. Grenades and Anti-Gravity Field should help do the trick.

starfield divided loyalties elite va'ruun zealot
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Follow Andreja

Andreja will notice something and head to a point on the right. Here, you'll find Eren Bascolm's grave. He died a long time before the Zealots showed up for him.

starfield divided loyalties follow andreja to eren's grave
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Find Information About Jaeda

Head back inside the building to find information about Jaeda. You want to head to the top floor and pick up the Slate on the desk.

starfield divided loyalties find information on jaeda
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While you're here, look at the military cache, contraband cache, and the Va'ruun Heretic Writings on the table. There's a great spot to quickly sell these up ahead.

Speak to Andreja

Speak to Andreja about the slate you found, and she'll be surprised at how vengeful Jaeda has become.

starfield divided loyalties speak to andreja
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Travel to the Den

Travel to The Den starstation in the Wolf Star System. There are no scans here, and there's also a trade authority vendor here. It's a great place to sell your Contraband. If he doesn't have enough Credits, buy useful goods or sleep for 48 hours to reset his Credits.

starfield divided loyalties find info on jaeda at the den
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Ask Around About Jaeda

You can ask around The Den about Jaeda. You can speak to the bartender, Orval Romack, or the United Colonies' Captain Marquez about Jaeda's location. You can Persuade or pay them for the information.

starfield divided loyalties dialogue options for jaeda information
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Reach Jaeda's Last Known Location

Now you know Jaeda's location in the Groombridge Star System. Grav Jump there, and you'll hail her ship, The Raptor.

starfield divided loyalties the raptor ship
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Defeat the Zealots

Your conversation is cut short by three Va'ruun Zealot starships that assault you. They're level 14 ships but can deal serious damage if you take their attacks too long. Focus on taking them down individually and upgrade your ship from The Den if you struggle here.

Board Jaeda's Ship

After dealing with the Zealots, a very wary Jaeda will let you dock and board her ship.

Wait for Andreja

Wait for Andreja to show up, and they'll enter a heated discussion where Jaeda blames her for ratting them out to the Zealots. Andreja is in disbelief.

starfield divided loyalties angry jaeda
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Talk to Jaeda

Speak to Jaeda to get her to calm down and present proof of her accusations of Tomisar's involvement in their ambush.

Defeat the Zealot Captain

A Zealot Captain with a level 24 vessel will show up. Luckily, it's not a two-on-one so that it won't be too hard. The Captain will confirm that Tomisar did, in fact, order and tip off the Zealots on Andreja and her friends' locations.

starfield divided loyalties va'ruun captain
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Talk to Andreja

Andreja is in disbelief and now wants to confront Tomisar. She will be hesitant, but you can now accompany her to where Tomisar is.

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starfield divided loyalties speak to andreja after the attack
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Travel to the Derelict Station

Travel to the Muphrid Star System and dock the Derelict Starstation, UCN-48, in the orbit of Muphrid IV.

starfield divided loyalties follow andreja
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Follow Andreja

Follow Andreja inside, and she will open a hidden door in the seemingly empty Star Station. Before following her, you can go through the doorway on the right and find another contraband cache.

starfield divided loyalties follow andreja inside starstation
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Talk to Andreja

Head ahead and listen to the confrontation between Andreja and her handler, Tomisar. Speak to Andreja and hear both sides of the story where Tomisar will feign ignorance.

starfield divided loyalties talk to andreja
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Talk to Tomisar

Speak to Tomisar and get him to admit his misdeeds. At this point, he'll threaten that killing him would mean cutting all ties to House Va'ruun.

starfield divided loyalties talk to tomisar
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Should You Kill Tomisar?

You have three choices here on how to deal with Tomisar, which all directly or indirectly lead to Andreja's ties with House Va'ruun being cut off. Here's what you can do:

  • Allow Andreja to kill Tomisar. This cuts all her ties with House Va'ruun.
  • Let Tomisar go free. This denies Andreja her revenge but leaves a bit of hope for her return to House Va'ruun.
  • Kill Tomisar yourself. Spare Andreja the blame and kill Tomisar yourself. Andreja's ties with house Va'ruun are probably still gone, but she'll have more hope for the future.
starfield divided loyalties talk to andreja and decide tomisar's fate
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Whatever you do will make little difference to the overall narrative or rewards.

Accompany Andreja to the Lodge

Andreja will want to rest and return to the Lodge. Sell off all your Contraband at The Den or The Key. Head back to the Lodge and speak to Andreja in her bedroom. She will thank you for all you've done.

Romance or Befriend Andreja

Now, you'll get an important dialogue choice: declare Andreja your best friend, or convey your feelings and start a romantic relationship with her. If you get into a relationship, you can eventually get married.

starfield divided loyalties andreja romance or befriend dialogue option
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This concludes Andreja's quest, Divided Loyalties. You've freed her of the burden of her past and given her hope for the future.

Divided Loyalties Quest Rewards

EXP - 250
Credits - Leveled Amount of Credits
・ Andreja Romance

That concludes our guide for the quest Undivided Loyalties, where you romance Andreja and decide to kill or Spare Tomisar.

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