Starfield UC Vanguard - Delivering Devils Walkthrough

starfield delivering devils cave leading to percival's location

starfield delivering devils cave leading to percival's location

Delivering Devils is part of the UC Vanguard questline, unlocked after completing the second quest, ‘Grunt Work.’ Your job is to find and meet with the Xenowarfare scientist, Dr. Percival. He’s the only one who can help us get to the truth behind the Terrormorphs.

Starfield: Delivering Devils Walkthrough

Head to Cydonia

Set your destination for Sol and land in Cydonia on Mars.

Starfield Delivering Devils cydonia mars
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Ask about Percival at the Trade Authority

Head inside the Cydonia Central Hub and talk with Oktai Enbayar inside the Trade Authority, who you will find around the corner from the front desk. Oktai tells you that Percival has gone missing due to some debt. He recommends that you visit the Sixth Circle.

Starfield Delivering Devils trade authority
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Speak to the Miners at the Sixth Circle

Take the elevator down to P2 after exiting the office. Once you enter, they'll react to you showing up.

Starfield Delivering Devils speak to miners at the bar
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Speak to the Bartender Lou

Speak to Lou, the Bartender at the Sixth Circle, for information about Percival. You will need to answer a few questions for Lou.

Talk to the Bar Patron (Optional)

Before you leave, you can also talk to a patron leaning on the wall nearby. He'll tell you he was Dr Percival's research partner and can help clear the debt. He asks you to get your hands on their research from the lab in the Deep Mines currently overrun by Spacers.

Pay off Percival’s Debt

Head back to Oktai to clear Percival’s Debt of 21,867 Credits. You have three choices here.

  • You directly pay for the debt and head back to Lou to proceed with the quest.
  • Change the debt amount by hacking into the server.
  • Kill off the Spacer leader and get the formula.

Regardless of your choice, you'll eventually have to clear out the Deep Mine cave, so feel free to use this last method.

Change Percival’s Debt Amount

You need to pickpocket Oktai and get the keys to gain access to the room upstairs in the Trade Authority, or you can lockpick the Master level door, which requires tier 3 Security.

Alternatively, you can make your way to the Broken Spear bar. Go behind the bar counter and keep moving forward till you reach an Advanced level door that gives you access to the Trade Authority computer.

Starfield Delivering Devils broken spear bar
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When inside, use the 'Account Override Tool' on the computer and change Percival’s balance back to 500 Credits. After this, you can change it to 1 Credit, but Lou will still give you 500.

Starfield Delivering Devils trade authority accounts computer
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Kill the Spacer Leader in the Deep Mines

Head to the Deep Mines and make your way deep inside, clearing out the Spacer enemies until you run into their leader. Defeat their leader and make your way to the research lab.

Starfield Delivering Devils spacer leader in deep mine at low hp
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Contact Cambridge

When you reach the lab, contact Cambridge; he will guide you on how to finish the research.

Starfield Delivering Devils report to cambridge
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Return Data to Cambridge

Head back to the Sixth Circle and give the data to Cambridge. Use the data to clear off the debt at the Trade Authority. You can now also produce the Pick-Me-Up pharmaceutical, which provides you with +50 Weight Capacity.

Starfield Delivering Devils clear percival's debt
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Speak to Lou

Talk to Lou where he will reveal Percival’s location and hand over the Drill Waste Room Access Key.

Starfield Delivering Devils find percival using sewage key
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Find Percival

Travel to the employee entrance of the Deep Mines. Head down the stairs and make your way through the Mines. Reach the door at the end of the tunnel and unlock it with the key Lou gave you. It's a bit of a walk, but follow the cave systems till you find Percival.

Starfield Delivering Devils dr percival walker
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Follow Percival

Speak with Percival and follow him down the laboratory. He will proceed to analyze the tissue sample you hand over.

Starfield Delivering Devils dr percival walker follow at research station
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Meet Hadrian at the Sixth Circle

Leave the mine and make your way to the Sixth Circle. Let Percival and Hadrian finish and follow them inside the bar.

Starfield Delivering Devils meet hadrian at bar
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Speak with Hadrian

Talk with Hadrian and brief her on the situation in the mine. The quest finishes after the dialogue.

Starfield Delivering Devils talk to hadrian
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Delivering Devils Quest Rewards

  • EXP - 250
  • Credits - 9300

That finishes up the quest, Delivering Devils. Next, we access classified documents and talk to the UC Cabinet in the quest, Eyewitness.

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