Starfield - How To Change Companions

Starfield companions VASCO performing a scan

Starfield companions VASCO performing a scan

The ability to get companions and crewmates is one of the key features of Starfield. Changing Starfield companions freely makes the game and its characters feel more alive and immersive. Not only do they inhabit and maintain your ship, but they also aid you in various other ways with their unique skills.

However, if you feel that your outposts and ships have become overcrowded with additional crewmates, you can dismiss some. Here’s how to change companions in Starfield.

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How to Get Companions in Starfield

It is easy to get companions to join your team in Starfield. For most of the companions from different factions, you can talk them into following you or do a few quests and win their favor. For the rest of the crewmates, you have to find them on different planets and spaceports. One example of such a crewmate is Marika Boros, who can be recruited from the Viewpoint spaceport.

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What Companions Do in Starfield

Each companion and crewmate on your team has a specific skill set that you can utilize. You assign them to ship maintenance or to watch over your outpost. These characters can even tag along with you on your missions.

Although most of the characters who get recruited to your team have limited uses, there are companions you can get who offer specific side missions. Usually, these are essential faction members like Sarah Morgan, Sam Coe, and Barrett from Constellation. You can even form a romantic relationship with some of these companions, with the possibility of marriage in the game.

How to Change Companions in Starfield

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The number of companions and crew members you can hire in your team is unlimited. However, you can only bring a specific number of companions on missions; they can be swapped manually by selecting the companions for each mission. You can also permanently dismiss a companion or crewmate so they are no longer part of your team.

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If you want to dismiss a crewmate from your team, talk to them and tell them you no longer require their services. Remember that, unlike Skyrim, you don’t need to replace one companion with another. So, the only reason you should dismiss a companion should be that you find their skills useless for your crew.

What Happens to Companions When Dismissed?

Now, you might wonder what happens to the characters you dismiss. Well, they are likely to return to their previous settlement or home. For example, if you dismiss one of the Constellation members from your team, they will return to The Lodge in New Atlantis City.

Remember that letting go of a companion could also mean jeopardizing their quest and missing out on some excellent side mission. You could also miss a chance to form a romantic relationship with that companion. Although, if it’s just a regular crewmate you’re dismissing with no dedicated side quest, you should be able to do so without consequences.

That's everything you need to know about changing companions in Starfield. Also, check out our character's hub and factions guides.

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