Starfield - Unlock the Apollo Moon Landing Site

starfield apollo moon surface US flag with astronaut waving

starfield apollo moon surface US flag with astronaut waving

Starfield features many little tributes, homages and easter eggs referencing important events related to NASA, their own development team and even a heartwarming tribute for Alex Hay. Should you find yourself cruising around the moon (Luna) in the Sol system, you should definitely unlock the Apollo Moon landing site.

This little easter egg pays homage to the scientists and astronauts at NASA who made the real Apollo 11 Lunar mission possible. Today, we're going to take a look at the history of the Apollo Moon landing and how Starfield pays tribute to this achievement. Learn how to activate the Moon Landing quest and the reward waiting for you.

Apollo History

The Apollo 11 mission was a historic spaceflight that achieved the first successful human landing on the Moon. Launched by NASA, the United States' space agency, on July 16, 1969, the mission was the fifth crewed Apollo flight and was a part of the larger Apollo program aimed at lunar exploration. The spacecraft carried three astronauts: Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins.

Apollo 11 was not just a monumental achievement for the United States but a landmark moment for humanity. The mission had a profound impact, showcasing the possibilities of human exploration and inspiring a new generation of scientists, engineers, and ordinary people. So, it's inspiring to see Starfield pay homage to this historic event. Here's how to find the Apollo Moon landing quest.

How To Activate The Quest

To activate the Apollo Moon landing quest, you first need to find the book titled Sir Livingstone’s Second Journal. You can find it in Matteo Khatri's room on the desk in the room next to yours in The Lodge in New Atlantis. Note that Starfield has a bit of RNG, so you might have to search The Lodge a bit more to find Sir Livingstone’s Second Journal. Once you have the journal, just read it, and you will unlock the activity "Find the Apollo Landmark on Luna".

starfield luna apollo landing spot
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Now, when you visit the Sol system and are near the vicinity of Luna, you can hover over it, and you'll see a mission marker appear. Land on the surface of Luna and head to the Lunar Excursion Module. You'll see the American flag there, still planted with pride despite the demise of humanity on Earth.

starfield apollo 11 lunar module on surface of moon
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Reward On The Moon

Make sure to click a picture of this iconic scene and submit it to our photo competition. Next, you need to hop on top of the Lunar Module, and you'll see an item titled the Apollo Snow Globe.

starfield apollo snowglobe reward
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Pick it up, and you will get 100 XP for completing the activity. You can collect XP even faster with these XP farming tips.

starfield apollo snowglobe reward description in inventory
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This little trinket is a souvenir complete with its own miniature version of the astronauts and the Apollo 11 Lunar Module. You can sell it for 195 Credits, but that's a bit of a waste for such an important piece of history. If you're short on Credits, check our Credit farming guide.

That's all you need to know on how to unlock the Apollo Moon landing site and get the reward on the moon. For more guides, learn the answers to Lou's questions and how to complete the Mantis quest.

As usual, for more Starfield, stick with us at the Starfield Portal!

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