Starfield A Break At Dawn Walkthrough

starfield a break at dawn restaurant interior

starfield a break at dawn restaurant interior

If you've managed to build up a bit of reputation in New Atlantis by helping out the UC Vanguard with the Terrormorph attack or completing the quest Keeping The Peace, you'll be ready to take on the next quest, A Break At Dawn.

A Break At Dawn Walkthrough

Speak to Sergeant Yumi

After completing the previous quest, you might have to wait a bit, but you'll get another activity to speak to Sergeant Yumi. He'll tell you about a recent fight at a fine dining restaurant and how he'd like you to look at it as a theft has been reported.

starfield a break at dawn speak to sergean yumi
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Speak to Royce at the Dawn's Roost

Head to the Residential District of New Atlantis and go to The Dawn's Roost, a fancy high-class restaurant. Speak to Royce at the counter, and he'll tell you about the recent fight. He'll tell you that the two people who fought were close friends, and he's surprised at the fight itself.

starfield a break at dawn speak to royce
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Find Hugo Fournier at Athena Tower

You can find Hugo Fournier, who took the ring at Athena Tower. Hugo is accused of stealing a ring, and you can confront him about this. He'll tell you that the fight was between him and his lover, who left him for the waiter at Dawn's Roost. The ring was an engagement gift, and he didn't wish to give it up out of spite.

starfield a break at dawn speak to hugo
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Should You Take Hugo's Ring?

You can sympathize with Hugo and not take the ring, as Sergeant Yumi will empathize with the issue. However, if you want to take the ring, there are a couple of different methods.

  • You can use Persuasion for a fairly easy Persuasion check to get Hugo to give up the Engagement Ring.
  • You can use the Theft ability to sneak behind Hugo and steal the Engagement Ring.
starfield a break at dawn steal from hugo
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  • The last and most overkill method is to assassinate Hugo. Yes, it's completely uncalled for and a pretty evil decision, but if you can manage to do it stealthily, you won't get a bounty, and nobody will complain about it.
starfield a break at dawn kill hugo
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Now that you have the Engagement Ring, you also have the option to go around and sell it for 665 Credits to any Vendor. However, the amount is pretty meager if you know basic Credit farming methods, so choose this if you intend on being evil. You receive the same rewards regardless.

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Report to Sergeant Yumi

Return to Sergeant Yumi at the New Atlantis UC Security Building and update him on what happened. Either return the ring, lie about it, or tell him you let Hugo keep it. This will complete the quest, A Break at Dawn.

starfield a break at dawn report to yumi
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A Break At Dawn Quest Rewards

  • EXP -
  • Credits - Depends on Level

That concludes our walkthrough for A Break At Dawn. Next up, we have the quest Search and Seizure.

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