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starfield outpost

starfield outpost

You don’t usually find user-built cities in Starfield because the game, in a sense, does not allow this. However, the game’s mechanics can't stop this player from creating a giant outpost and calling it a city.

This Starfield player from China probably aimed to do this - he built an outpost on Luna, the Earth’s Moon, and called it Guanghan City.

The city is a sprawling outpost with a landing pad in the middle of the compound. Its builders are habs stacked together on multiple levels. Unfortunately, player InfinityPortal’s pictures are too close-cropped for us to determine the number of habs stacked on each other.

Tall towers flanked each building, and the outpost was complete with cranes and searchlights. After all, it is more than just a city - it is also an offshore storage depot and production facility for resources.

One of the pictures in his Reddit gallery shows that InfinityPortal has built the outpost near the parked lunar rover!

We can’t wait to see what other Redditors say about this massive outpost.

By now, Starfield players have already discovered numerous things they can do when building outposts. For instance, they can extend their outposts to the middle of the water. They could also erect their structures along the slopes of rocky mountains aside from the flat peaks of these colossi.

Brace yourself, explorers! Bethesda will launch a new patch on Steam’s Steam Beta platform next week. We’ve already seen improvements in graphics from the most recent update. We will finally get FSR3 support for our older graphics cards with this latest one!

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