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cliff outpost starfield

cliff outpost starfield

There are so many places on Starfield where you can build your outpost. While many players favor flat ground, others like to utilize hilltops and bodies of water. There was one player that made an outpost in a frozen lake.

There are also some odd ones, especially since Bethesda’s newest game has a community that once reached over 330,000 concurrent players on Steam. This person decided that building outposts rooted on cliffs was their cup of tea.

This is quite innovative, at least to us. That’s why we’ve decided this creation would be our pick for Outpost of the Week.

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Credit: Reddit

Unfortunately, only one picture is available on the builder’s thread on Reddit. There also has been only one response to the post, which is surprising because this outpost is one of a kind. However, we could assume that the user has a few more in his game because he described the location as “his favorite.”

So, what do you think of this outpost, explorers? Would you like to try building outposts on cliffs as well?

With a mod, your outpost can become a trading outpost and a hub for gathering resources. This mod lets you build a Trade Authority Kiosk in your outpost premises.

This kiosk lets you sell your cargo without going to one of Starfield's major cities. These kiosks will also accept stolen and contraband items and have infinite credits.

To add a Kiosk to your outposts, select the option under the Miscellaneous section of the build menu.

Since it’s your home away from home, you might want to turn your outpost into something similar to this player's Dream Home in Starfield.

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