Fans Note Significant Graphics Improvement in Current Beta Patch

starfield beta patch

starfield beta patch

Starfield is due to receive significant updates, as promised last month in an announcement. Last week, Bethesda unleashed the first of such patches into Beta Testing on Steam Beta. Once this beta testing is done in two weeks, the patch will be released for PCs and Xbox Series consoles.

As we all know, beta testing is utilized to iron out any remaining kinks in the patch and, as long as it’s allowed to, give those who did not participate in the beta to give a preview of what’s to come. In this case, what can we expect from Update 1.9.47?

There is a limited amount of advanced information, but players were at least able to confirm that there are graphical improvements to be had. For instance, the lighting has improved!

As you can see from the video, Bethesda has adjusted its spotlight-like lighting to mellow down a little bit and remove the washed-out look that you usually encounter when meeting with NPCs in darker environments.

The lighting becomes more natural, bringing out more of the NPC’s skin tone than previously, where the individual seems illuminated by a powerful industrial floodlight.

In any case, here are the complete patch notes, as released by Bethesda, detailing what other changes we can expect from this newest update once it becomes available to the public.

Just a reminder for Bethesda, though - we’re still waiting for those new means of traveling that you promised us in your announcement before the holidays!

Aside from the series of patches that are part of the 2024 Starfield Roadmap, the community is also eagerly awaiting the release of the DLC, Shattered Space. There’s also a host of theories and suggestions online on what its content should be, with some users suggesting a Mafia-type storyline where the player needs to root out corruption in the Freestar Collective’s Council of Governors.

Starfield recorded some impressive figures during launch, but the new game Palworld has recently seen even better performance. It has already overtaken Starfield regarding peak concurrent player count on Steam less than a day after release.

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