Outpost of the Week 6 - Leviathan IV Hilly Outpost

hillside outpost

hillside outpost

Once again, it’s Monday, and it’s time for our sixth Starfield Outpost of the Week feature.

You’re going to love this one because of its ingenuity and the obvious effort that our Redditor put into designing and building all the features of the structure.

First, let’s take a look at what the project looked like. This is located on the planet Leviathan IV in the Leviathan system.

hillside outpost starfield
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Similar to our previous Outpost of the Week, this outpost is also built on hilly terrain. That alone is very challenging to take advantage of. Last week’s Outpost used clever situational design to ensure each room has perks, like a continually shaded living area and a bedroom that kisses the sunrise.

This latest feature takes it to the next level by building an entire outpost system on a network of co-located hills. Four circular structures are connected by a bridge, at the end of which is the Tower. A giant landing pad is on the western side and completes the complex.

Redditor ToScH_23 recalls that it was difficult for him to fit his design into the hilly complex but admitted that he wanted the challenge after seeing all the outposts on flat ground.

He also said he would continually modify his creation to become bigger.

large outpost starfield
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Building an outpost on the planet Leviathan IV is also a sound choice in terms of resources. The planet has seven resources: H20, Cl, Al, Cu, Fe, F, and Yb.

This is yet another reason to enjoy Starfield. While Outposts serve the obvious purpose of stocking resources, you also get the opportunity to flex that engineer within you to create a structurally sound yet aesthetically pleasing Outpost on your chosen planets.

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