Starfield Fan Created the Most Sinister Ship Yet: Benjamin Bayu’s Sith Infiltrator

An image of The Spectre from Starfield
Credit: Bethesda and u/A-Grumpy-Dwarrf

An image of The Spectre from Starfield
Credit: Bethesda and u/A-Grumpy-Dwarrf

For many fans, the ability to customize the vast array of interesting ships in Starfield has been one of the most addictive factors of the sci-fi action role-playing game. Players can purchase and modify their own fleet, and with the most recent Update 4, spaceship enthusiasts can now decorate their vessel’s interior.

There are no limits to creativity in Starfield, as players were able to add a mod list that made it look like the open-world Mandalorian game of our dreams. One particular player combined their love of Star Wars and Starfield to create the most sinister ship yet.

In a Reddit post mentioning that they were inspired by Darth Maul’s Sith Infiltrator ship in the movies and comics, X user @ARandyMidget/Reddit user u/A-Grumpy-Dwarrf created The Spectre and dubbed it the infamous Benjamin Bayu’s personal ship.

The ship is interestingly well-made, using standard ship customization glitches, including the half-snap glitch. While this may be the case currently, players will be able to add more customization options for their ships once Bethesda’s Creation Kit for Starfield is released.

Showcasing a pair of fins similar to the Sith lord’s ship, The Spectre has a lot of space and room inside. The cockpit features a stunning aesthetic design and provides a wide 180-degree front view should players prefer to pilot it in first person.

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Moving between the ship’s quarters may look glitchy, but this is only because of the glitches used when designing the ship. Hopefully, players will have better build and customization options once the Shattered Space DLC releases this year.

An image of The Spectre, a ship made in Starfield
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Credit: Bethesda and @ARandyMidget

While Starfield’s content-creation options are still limited, some players were able to create fantastic beachfront outposts and celestial space frog ships out of sheer creativity and love for the game. From entire game overhauls to adding scary mannequins, Starfield has a ton of fantastic mods from players that they can use to elevate their spacefarer experience.

The upcoming Xbox Games Showcase will possibly announce more details of what’s in store for Starfield, so stay updated with the latest news and announcements here in Starfield Portal.

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