Eerie Snapshots Turn Starfield Into a Horror Game

Image of Starfield as a horror game with The Hunter on the lower right hand side
Credit: Bethesda and u/Erilis000

Image of Starfield as a horror game with The Hunter on the lower right hand side
Credit: Bethesda and u/Erilis000

Exploring Starfield can sometimes be spooky, thanks to its stunning visuals and the vastness of the game’s universe.

Starfield has all the components of a fantastic horror game, from dilapidated moon bases to terrifying surface creatures. Add the fitting sci-fi music score, and an alien horror game is in the making. Tinkering in Photo Mode lets players capture gritty and bone-chilling moments, making it easier to imagine Starfield as a horror game.

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u/Erilis000 posted captured moments from the game on Reddit, showcasing an eerie vibe, making Starfield suitable for a prospective alien horror DLC.

The post features images depicting a mysterious outpost, dark caves, and close-up shots of terrifying alien creatures. Fans agree that a survivor horror DLC would complement Starfield’s setting, especially with the existing visuals and lighting.

An image of a Spacefarer in front of a creepy outpost
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Credit: Bethesda and u/Erilis000

Community mods also greatly contribute to the game's feel. While the Pale Lady encounter is creepy enough, adding more scary mannequins brings the horror level up a notch. While some players may not be into this immense horror gaming experience, they can amp up the jolly good atmosphere by installing this happy Hello Kitty mod or skinning Starfield into a Mandalorian shooter game.

Once the Starfield Creation Kit is announced, players can expect bigger and better horror mods. Be sure to stay updated with the latest Starfield news and announcements here in the Starfield Portal.

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