Redditors Weigh In on When the Creation Kit Will Come Out

starfield creation kit

starfield creation kit

In late November, Bethesda caused a stir among Starfield fans when the studio declared they were taking down the Creations Club and Skyrim Mods websites for routine maintenance. Many players thought this was a sign that the Starfield Creation Kit would come out earlier than expected.

Starfield’s director, Todd Howard, was vague about the release date, stating in an interview right after launch that modding support will only be available for its most successful RPG to date.

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The maintenance culminated in the launch of the Bethesda Games Studios Creations platform, which effectively abolished the Creation Club and reportedly caused issues in all the mods created for Skyrim.

With Bethesda’s 250-man development team now busy building multiple updates as part of the 2024 Starfield roadmap, we’re all back to the drawing board regarding the Creation Kit. When is it likely to come out?

A few Redditors weighed in on a thread to discuss potential release dates.

The first comment on the thread was optimistic, reminding all participants that Bethesda had promised that they would release the Kit early this year. Thus, they estimate it will be released in March of this year, which two Redditors agreed with.

User Sniffleboard was even more optimistic, making this month a likely release window for official mod support.

Another user, Coast_Watcher, shared misgivings and said that anywhere between today and September is a likely release date. If Bethesda dallies until September, the anniversary of Starfield's launch, they’re likely to see players rioting.

The Creation Kit is seen by many modders as essential to modding Starfield. Many modders have described Starfield’s code as “hostile” to any modifications.

Kinggath and Eckserah also pointed out during the first day of C3. that the Reflection techniques encapsulate Form IDs and cause any modifications to the code to break the game.

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