Xbox Users Can Finally Place Doors and Ladders in Shipbuilder Mode Thanks to This Mod

image of a spaceship door
Credit: Bethesda

image of a spaceship door
Credit: Bethesda

Xbox players can finally rejoice because their shipbuilding experience will never be the same again with the Place Doors Yourself mod.

This mod allows players to place the ship's doors anywhere and as many as they want. Available on the Creations Club, Xbox players can download this mod and start a new shipbuilding journey.

Originally posted on Reddit by u/ysabellatrix, the post features the mod link to the Creations Club. Mod author Jimsoon has made the mod a little over 270 KB of file size, so this neat addition to shipbuilding won’t pose a problem in your load order. The doors are available under the Habs section of the shipbuilder, but players will have to flip the doors when installing them to turn them into ladders instead.

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Many players have expressed excitement and interest in the mod on Reddit. Xbox players had no access to mods available on PC until the recent Starfield update. Now, console players can easily install mods that customize the game, improve the quality-of-life features, or add DLC-sized content for a brand-new Starfield experience.

image of a space ship
expand image
Credit: Bethesda

In other Starfield news, Star Wars mods for Bethesda’s space-exploration game have become so popular that these mods have their own separate community. Ranging from outfits and enemies to NPCs as alien races in Star Wars, Starfield mods have come so far thanks to Bethesda’s support to the modding community via the Creation Kit. Todd Howard also confirmed that an annual story update for Starfield is already in the works, and more details will be announced after the release of the upcoming DLC, Shattered Space. The yearly story expansions may add new features, such as land vehicles while utilizing existing planets within the Settled Systems.

Whether you prefer to spend more time in the shipbuilder or hunt down some bounties, follow Starfield Portal to stay updated with the latest news and announcements.

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