Starfield Fans Think the New Astra Currency Is Hiding Something

a woman is standing in front of a computer screen in a video game .
Credit: Bethesda

a woman is standing in front of a computer screen in a video game .
Credit: Bethesda

Starfield’s latest update included various gameplay fixes and the addition of Creations Club.

Along with the new Xbox modding capability came various mods, including the Tracker’s Alliance quest, which introduced a new kind of currency called Astra.

Curious Starfield fans speculate that aside from being a mere currency, the coin holds a deeper secret.

Posting on Reddit, user u/Scythe_Bearer uploaded an image of the coin and asked fellow Starfield players what star system this coin could be pointing to.

When viewed from the inventory, Astra looks like a rectangular coin. Its design depicts a planetary system map similar to what players see when accessing a star system in the Starmap.

The coin shows six planets revolve around a sun, with various planets having one or two moons. As user u/Scythe_Bearer suggests, it would seem that the hidden challenge within Astra would be to find the star system shown in the coin.

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Many players quickly pointed out that this could be the Sol System and its eight planets, with Uranus being the highlighted planet.

While some agree with this theory, some would argue that there are no reasons for Mercury to be bigger than Jupiter, and Pluto is included among the planets of Starfield’s Sol System.

a screenshot of a video game showing the solar system .
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Credit: Bethesda

Some players also mentioned that it is possible that what the coin depicts isn’t a star system at all. Starfield’s temple designs are strikingly similar to the coin’s.

Either way, a possible future addition to the Trackers Alliance quest may fully explain what is behind the mysterious design.

In other Starfield news, Star Wars mods are becoming so popular that a whole new community has been dedicated to them.

Players can join the subreddit to discuss and share possible Star Wars mod ideas.

Thanks to the addition of the Creations Club, a full Xbox load order filled by Star Wars mods is now possible.

Whether you want to track the hidden star system in Astra or mod Starfield into the Star Wars game you’ve always wanted, follow the Starfield Portal to stay updated about the latest news.

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