Xbox Mod Highlight: The Starfield Community Patch Brings Xbox the Optimization It Needed

a man in a cowboy hat is standing in front of a space ship .
Credit: Bethesda

a man in a cowboy hat is standing in front of a space ship .
Credit: Bethesda

Starfield’s Creation Club has finally allowed Xbox players to customize their Starfield gameplay.

From amazingly accurate Star Wars mods to DLC-sized gameplay add-ons such as the StarSim: Mining Conglomerate, these new additions enhance every player’s Starfield experience.

However, players who want to enjoy vanilla Starfield may have yet to experience seamless gameplay due to existing bugs and errors. Fortunately, the Starfield Community Patch mod is here to sort multiple vanilla Starfield errors.

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Credit: Bethesda

Available to both PC and Xbox, the Starfield Community Patch was created by several authors and collectively called CommunityPatch to ensure the mod's service quality.

While some bugs can be easily fixed by Bethesda themselves, there are others that the studio misses, so this group of community modders aims to assist in fixing these bugs and issues through this mod. For about 7.07 MB file size for Xbox, the mod fixes various bugs and errors found in this changelog.

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From misplaced objects and script errors to faulty missions and game-breaking exploits, the Starfield Community Patch fixes these errors but not bugs related to new content and other mods.

However, this mod may fix existing problems that may cause some mods to stop working. Regardless, the Starfield Community Patch is an essential mod to install if players want to customize their Starfield gameplay further.

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Credit: Bethesda

In other Starfield news, Star Wars mods are becoming popular on both PC and Xbox, and they now have a dedicated community subreddit for discussions and ideas.

We have collated the best Star Wars mods available for Xbox players who want to turn Starfield into the Star Wars game they’ve always wanted. A comprehensive modding guide is also available for new players who are just trying out modding Bethesda’s space exploration RPG.

Whether you're playing vanilla Starfield or a fully customized saved game, follow Starfield Portal to stay updated with the latest Bethesda news and announcements.

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