Starfield Players Share Iconic and Hilarious Bethesda Moments

a man and a woman are standing next to each other in a video game . the woman is wearing a cowboy hat .
Credit: Bethesda

a man and a woman are standing next to each other in a video game . the woman is wearing a cowboy hat .
Credit: Bethesda

Bethesda games have a certain charm, such as the way new Skyrim players have to customize their race and appearance on their way to the chopping block or how the game’s Courier NPC always seems to appear and deliver letters when players are slap bang in the middle of a fight with a dragon.

These uniquely Bethesda moments also happen in other games, such as Starfield, where one of the players shared their most outlandish interaction with Sarah Morgan so far.

Originally posted on Reddit by u/Suspicious_Trainer82, they shared an unforgettable Bethesda moment that happened during one of their combat encounters in Starfield, with Sarah Morgan as their companion.

They were out on a mission, outnumbered and out-leveled by the enemies. In the middle of the firefight, they managed to flank near one of the windows in the area when Sarah suddenly, out of nowhere, decided to initiate a conversation and wanted to have a heart-to-heart pep talk. The Redditor mentioned it felt like doing a raid in a game when suddenly one of their friends would start talking about heartfelt matters.

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Many fellow Starfield fans find this story hilarious, and it reminds them of the gaming moments that make them remember that they are playing a Bethesda game.

One fellow player mentioned that ragdoll physics in Bethesda games is unforgettable, just like how Starfield enemy corpses get stuck to the ceiling by hitting their jetpacks to launch them up or how enemies can be thrown into low orbit by having multiple ragdoll collisions.

Another player mentioned that initiating a conversation with a sleeping NPC is undeniably very Bethesda, with some even saying they tried doing this in Fallout 3. The player would quickly walk away as far as possible to see how long the newly-woken-up NPC would follow them to initiate the dialogue. Jarl Balrgruuf from Skyrim became notoriously popular because one player decided to wake him up in the middle of the night to talk about trapping a dragon.

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Credit: Bethesda

Some players even mentioned that NPC companions would continue talking to them even if the player character took massive damage and the game was showing the death notification screen.

Bethesda games certainly have their charms, albeit sometimes triggered by post-launch bugs. The addition of Starfield’s Creation Club now gives the players more freedom to customize and improve the gameplay experience to their liking. Xbox players can now fully enjoy mods from various creators and elevate Bethesda’s unique charm in Starfield.

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