Starfield Xbox Mod Spotlight: Get Blackhole-Sized Storage With the Infinite Storage Boxes Mod!

image of the infinite boxes mod
Credit: Bethesda and Vault_Dweller321

image of the infinite boxes mod
Credit: Bethesda and Vault_Dweller321

Xbox players can now fully enjoy a wide variety of mods thanks to Starfield’s Creations. From custom skins like a Batman outfit to enemy mods like the Overlord Boss mod, Xbox players can easily download and install these user-generated content via the Creations menu.

With both free and paid mod categories to choose from. Aside from being a wonderful addition to the gameplay experience, Creations is a valuable platform for modders who upload their created content.

One particular modder, Vault_Dweller321, uploaded a handy mod that lets Xbox players store unlimited items on the modded storage boxes.

image of infinite boxes mod for xbox
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Credit: Bethesda and Vault_Dweller321

The Infinite Storage Boxes Mod features 16 storage boxes and safes with varying sizes and dimensions.

Regardless of size, these storage boxes can infinitely store anything, from ship and outpost resources to the amazing Arboron Novastrike Sniper and Vulture outfit rewards players can get in the new Tracker Alliance: The Vulture quest.

The mod's file size is only 18.56 KB, which doesn’t even dent the 99 GB mod storage capacity that Bethesda gave Xbox users.

Players can download the mod and access the storage boxes from the Build Menu under the Decorations tab. It is advisable to make a hard save before modding anything in Xbox.

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However, the storage boxes cannot be used to pull items directly for crafting, which was intentionally developed that way.

Posting on Reddit, the mod author encourages using these boxes on bigger cargo ships and outposts.

While these infinite boxes still require the players to interact with, it is still fun to ensure they will never run out of space when storing any item they find in the galaxy.

Whether you will be using this mod to infinitely fill it with potatoes or use it as intended for your very own massive cargo ship, be sure to stay updated with everything Starfield by subscribing to Starfield Portal.

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