Bethesda to Provide Mod Support for Starfield in 2024

todd howard dressed in robes

todd howard dressed in robes

Mods are integral to any game’s full experience as they allow the player to achieve things that the developers originally did not intend to put into the title. Bethesda’s newest space exploration role-playing game, Starfield, is no exception to this.

In fact, many mods have already appeared on Nexus Mods since the game started early access on September 1.

Starfield Official Mods

However, Bethesda has yet to release official modding tools that can expand the horizon for modders. They don’t have long to wait, however, as Starfield’s director Todd Howard promised that official mod support will come out next year.

In an interview with Famitsu, Howard acknowledged the supplemental effect mods have on any game, including Starfield. He said mods let players do almost anything that will enhance their experience in the game.

Howard also promised that Bethesda will make mod support available "in a big way" as he expressed his love for mods.

There are nearly a thousand mods now available on Starfield’s Nexus page. 

Some mods have only aesthetic effects like the Ryan Gosling preset that allows players to create characters with the famous actor’s likeness.

There’s even a mod that allows you to alter the teeth of your character and some non-playable characters to become pearly white.

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Some modders also await official support from Bethesda to refine their creations further, like the user who created the George Costanza preset. This mod lets players set up their avatars to look like Jason Alexander’s character from Seinfeld.

Take a look at these five fun mods that you might want to download and add to your Starfield settings.

In other news, Xbox’s chief Phil Spencer announced on X yesterday that Starfield has already surpassed 1 million players. This announcement comes just a day after the game’s full release following a 5-day early access period.

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