Starfield - Star Wars Star Destroyer With Guide!

star wars star destroyer in starfield

star wars star destroyer in starfield

Fans have shown creative ships off since the launch of Starfield. The Shipbuilder function is a firm favourite for players looking to pimp their space rides. Star Wars has already come over to the galactic RPG via mods; now, one fan shows off his Star Destroyer with an accompanying 21-page guide.

Making and sharing a ship is one thing; taking the time to create a step-by-step guide is legendary behaviour. Let's look at what the fans have been cooking up!

star destroyer landed in starfield
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The Star Destroyer, made by Jackygold (as reported on Twitter by @Mr_Rebs_), is a sight to behold. This mammoth creation looks absolutely fantastic and will surely please Star Wars fans worldwide. The construction process isn't as straightforward as you might have hoped despite Jackygold including a comprehensive 21-page guide.

From the instructions -

Ship builder unrestricted is a cheat engine mod which will allow us to remove
limitations on ship size, reactor count, landing gear count, etc. This is perhaps
the most important mod in building the Star Destroyer as you will be unable to
create the sheer size of the glorious Imperial marvel.

Shipyards unlocked will allow us to add all the ship parts in the game to a shipbuilding vendor. While not required, it will make this process significantly easier.

Ship builder tweaks will allow us to place parts closer together whereas we
normally wouldn’t be able to. For this mod I recommend you use toleranceBig and not toleranceHuge as it could make the process of building a bit more difficult when trying to place parts.

Follow the respective instructions in each mod page description.

Now, while the guide cannot be faulted and is very welcomed by fans hoping to recreate the famous Star Wars ship, this leaves out fans playing only on Xbox consoles due to the mods required to create the vessel.

Once mods arrive for Xbox in 2024, players there can also enjoy making such iconic ships. For now, all they can do is experiment and try to make their own creations via Shipbuilder.

millenium falcon in starfield
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We could foresee an entire Star Wars conversion mod eventually arriving for Starfield. Stormtrooper mods that replace the guards in the game already exist, and the Star Destroyer isn't the only Star Wars ship that has been brought to life in Starfield. Modders have even added iconic Star Wars sound effects to really add to the feeling of being in a galaxy far, far away.

For all the latest Starfield mods, guides, and walkthroughs, stick with us at Starfield Portal.

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