Bring the Iconic A-Wing into Starfield With a New Mod

character jumping next to star wars a-wing

character jumping next to star wars a-wing

Starfield is truly Bethesda’s gift to every sci-fi fan. They can explore the universe like Captain Kirk and his crew did in Star Trek. They can even create ships that match the likenesses of those ships seen in their favorite movies through the game’s Ship Builder mode.

Thanks to a mod that just came out on Nexus, they can bring the sounds of an iconic Star Wars vessel into Starfield. That’s because this mod lets them replace the sound of their ship’s weapons with the sounds of the Rebel Alliance A-Wing fighter’s RG-9 blasters.

When they download and install this mod, they’ll hear the said fighter’s blasters instead of the default KE-20 and KE-31 cannon sound bites.

To install the mod, they must drag the downloaded file into their Starfield installation folder and then update their StarfieldCustom.ini with a couple of values.

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Credit: Lucasfilm

Mods are a hot topic right now for Starfield fans in particular and modders in general. After early access, modder PureDark attempted to implement a paywall for his DLSS3 mod by putting in a DRM. The modder was trying to ensure that only his Patreon sponsors, who pay him $5 a month, could use the mod.

DLSS3 support for Starfield was a common gripe, as Nvidia GPUs struggled to maintain even 60 FPS when running the game. PureDark had made available a DLSS2 mod, but RTX 40 series GPUs needed the DLSS3 to enhance their performance.

However, pirates cracked the DRM and removed the protection in only a few hours.

Subsequently, Nvidia released its own Game Ready driver, vastly improving its GPUs' Starfield performance.

Bethesda followed suit by announcing a slew of updates that will eventually add native support for DLSS despite AMD and its FSR2 being the “exclusive” tech partners for the game.

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