Starfield Players Recreate Iconic Star Wars Ships

xwing from star wars with starfield backdrop

xwing from star wars with starfield backdrop

The science fiction community is a very tight one. Since it’s a sci-fi game with shipbuilding features, players of Bethesda’s open-world exploration game Starfield will inevitably start creating their own versions of Star Wars iconic vessels.

At least two players have recently shared their creations interpreting the sleek X-wing starfighter from George Lucas’ films on social media.

Star Wars Meets Starfield

The first one was created and posted by user HatedPath on Reddit on Sunday, September 1. This particular X-wing had a red and silver color theme. If the colors sound familiar, this is the color theme of the X-wings in the original trilogy.

Although HatedPath did not share any statistics or specifications, he did share some spectacular images of his build on Reddit. Take a look at his X-wing with the image below.

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Credit: Reddit/HatedPath

Today, gaming influencer Rebs Gaming posted on X, pun not intended, an image of another X-wing creation on Starfield. This X-wing is a creation of a user with the handle Fudgiebrown. Unlike HatedPath’s design, this one featured a predominantly silver fuselage with gold-orange accents.

This color scheme is reminiscent of the black-and-orange color scheme in the T-70 X-wing of the New Republic in the sequels. According to Rebs Gaming, Fudgiebrown spent 50,000 - 60,000 Starfield credits to build. Take a look at Fudgiebrown’s creation below.

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Credit: X/RebsGaming

Premium and Constellation users began sharing their ship creations on Sunday when their early access became available. Another example of the builds based on Star Wars that made it into social media is a version of Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon.

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Credit: Reddit

The ship’s creator said he nearly maxed out the build capacity to create the Millennium Falcon. Since it’s huge, he said that the ship can carry 3000 units of cargo as well.

TikTok creator SpectreX Gaming also revealed his recreation of the infamous Star Destroyers of the Galactic Empire just a few hours after early access started.

Bethesda is preparing to drop Starfield on Xbox and Game Pass tomorrow, September 6.

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