Starfield Ryujin Industries Questline - Sowing Discord Walkthrough

starfield sowing discord imogene make the deal fail

starfield sowing discord imogene make the deal fail

Sowing Discord starts right after completing ‘Access is Key’ and is part of the Ryujin Industries Questline. We have to persuade Arthur Cruz and Zola Adisa to go against Infinity LTD. Along this, you will have to dress up fancy and do a bit of infiltration to swap out Nina Hart’s presentation.

Starfield: Sowing Discord Walkthrough

Talk to Imogene

After completing the previous quest, Access is Key; you can talk to Imogene for this more advanced infiltration mission. She’ll tell you that you must ensure the deal between Quantum Synergies and Infinity LTD. goes South.

starfield sowing discord talk to imogene for quest details
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Imogene will give you a Fitted Business Suit with a Persuasion bonus for this mission. During your dialogue with Imogene, you choose the line “ What if I’m not really into suits?” for bonus credits.

Read their Dossiers (optional)

Imogene will give you Dossiers for talking points with facts and figures to help persuade Arthur Cruz and Zola Adisa. You'll find these inside the Notes section of your Inventory. Give them a read to have an easier time ahead.

starfield sowing discord talking points summary on zola
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You can also ask Imogene to briefly summarise the Dossiers if reading isn't your thing.

Go to the Astral Lounge

Travel to Neon City on Volii Alpha in the Volii System. Once there, go to Neon Core, where you will find Arthur Cruz and Zola Adisa at the Astral Lounge. Arthur is upstairs, and you can reach him using the Elevator.

starfield sowing discord astral lounge
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Persuade Zola Adisa

Although Imogene asked you to wear a club outfit or a suit, it isn't necessary, as it does not affect your attempt to persuade them. Directly after entering the Astral Lounge, you will spot Zola sitting in a chair to your right. Now, you can talk to her after reading her dossier and pick the blue option to make this Persuasion check a breeze.

starfield sowing discord astral lounge zola adisa
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Persuade Arthur Cruz

Meanwhile, Arthur can be found upstairs by taking the elevator and heading to the VIP Balcony. Take the door to the right, and you will find Arthur. After reading his dossier, talk to him and pick the blue option again.

starfield sowing discord arthur cruz dialogue
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Switch Nina Hart’s Presentation

After convincing both of them, you need to swap out Nina Hart’s presentation. You will find the presentation on a small table inside her suite. There are a couple of different methods to gain access to her suite on the upper floor of the Astral Lounge.

  • Lockpick your way inside. It’s a Novice lock and shouldn’t cause any trouble even without a Security skill.
starfield sowing discord nina hart's suite novice lock
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  • Talk to the bartender, Boone Morgan. You can purchase the key from him for 2,500 Credits or persuade him to lower the price to 1,000.
starfield sowing discord buy key from boone morgan
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  • Pickpocket the key from Nina Hart. She’ll be sitting on the left from where you enter. Talk her into having a few drinks and swipe the key while she’s looking away using the Stealth and Theft skills.
starfield sowing discord pickpocket key from nina hart
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After you've made your way into the room, interact with the presentation lying on the table to swap it out.

starfield sowing discord nina's presentation in nina's suite
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Report Back to Imogene

Report to Imogene and tell her how things went down at the Astral Lounge.

starfield sowing discord report back to imogene
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With all of that done, you have completed the mission, and if you fail to convince Arthur Cruz and Zola Adisa or get caught by a guard, Imogene will reduce your pay.

Sowing Discord Quest Rewards

  • XP - 250
  • Credits - 10000
  • Digipicks x2
  • Reconstim x1
  • Fitted Business Suit
starfield sowing discord quest rewards
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That will conclude our walkthrough for the Ryujin Industries Sowing Discord quest. Next up, we have the sabotage quest, Accidents Happen.

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