Starfield Ryujin Industries Questline - Access Is Key Walkthrough

starfield access is key quest UC security chief with andreja in background

starfield access is key quest UC security chief with andreja in background

Access is Key is your fourth assignment in the Ryujin Industries questline. It’s time to get dressed up fancy and smooth talk your way to getting a security card. Those looking to go in guns blazing will have to take a bit of a pay cut. Here’s how to get a suit and successfully get the keycard in Access is Key.

Starfield: Access Is Key Walkthrough

Talk to Imogene

After completing the previous quest, ‘A New Narrative’, talk to Imogene, and she will tell you about the next assignment ready for you. You need to get a security keycard from a Security Chief without causing a fuss. She will suggest you show up wearing a suit to look more persuasive.

starfield access is key talk to imogene to get assignment
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How to get a Suit (Optional)

You can get a suit from the Ryujin Tower Lobby before you leave Neon City. Head down the elevator and check the room on the left. Talk to Aito Suzuki.

starfield access is key aito suzuki in ryujin tower lobby
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You can browse his selection of suits, each with a unique modifier. We suggest picking an outfit that increases your Persuasion chances.

starfield access is key buying a corpo suit with persuasion bonus
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If you plan to Persuade the guard, ensure you are wearing a Suit or a Security Guard Uniform; otherwise, he will refuse to initiate a conversation with you.

Go to the Security Chief’s Location

The quest, Access is Key, can give you several targets. You might have to go to different Star Systems at one of these three locations:

Methods of Obtaining the Keycard

Once you’re at the location, your target should be in plain sight. There are a couple of different methods you can employ here. Stealth builds will feel right at home.

  • Pickpocket the Security Chief with the Theft skill.
starfield access is key pickpocket uc security chief
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  • Persuade the Security Chief to lend the Keycard to you using Persuasion.
starfield access is key persuade uc security chief with andreja in background
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  • Kill the Security Chief and take the Keycard. Keep in mind that killing will result in less pay from Imogene.

Report back to Imogene

Once you have the Keycard from either method, return to Imogene and receive your rewards. She’ll also have your next assignment ready.

starfield access is key give keycard to imogene
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Access is Key Quest Rewards

  • EXP - 100
  • Credits - 100
  • Medpacks x3
starfield access is key rewards
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Next up, we have the Ryujin Industries quest, Sowing Discord.

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